Wondering if Divorce is the Right Move for You?
My article printed in Divorce Magazine can shed some light.  Click to download the PDF version of the article. [...]
8 Signs of True and Lasting Love
How do you know if the love is real and long lasting? Read in my article published in Divorced Moms. [...]
Marriage Advice in Brit + Co
My marriage advice was quoted in Brit + Co. Read the entire article.    [...]
Understanding Anger Can Empower Women to Live Authentic Lives
My article about how anger can be used for empowerment by women was published in PsychCentral. Read the entire article [...]
Quote in Bustle Article
This article talks about circumstances in which we should leave an unhappy relationship even if we really like our partner.[...]
An Attitude of Gratitude 
I was quoted in Business Insider providing advice on marriage and relationships. I explained how a little gratitude goes a[...]

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