Divorce Therapy Can Help You Heal and Be Ready to Love Again

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About Dalila Jusic-LaBerge Divorce Therapy

I’m Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, the owner of Be Here & Now Counseling. I specialize in working with amazing intellectual, accomplished professional divorced women, who yearn for love but feel lost in romantic relationships. If this is you, I can help you heal, connect to your own emotions, develop intuition, and be ready to connect on a deeper emotional level. Read more About Dalila and learn about my background, education, and passions.


Are you ready to heal from anxiety, stress, emotional trauma, insecurities, and grief that come with divorce? If you are ready to do some serious work on yourself and take responsibility for your life from now on, I’m the therapist for you.


Dalila Jusic-LaBerge Divorce Therapy

Did divorce leave you feeling sad, frustrated, angry, and lost?

You didn’t count on this when you said Yes to him years or decades ago. You sacrificed everything for your marriage and family, and yet that didn’t yield the results you dreamed of.  Now you need to uproot yourself and start all over again. You have to adjust to a whole new life. Are you are wondering if it’s time to give up on your happiness and just live your life fulfilling your duties and roles?

Please don’t give up!

I can relate to how you feel. I went through this myself, and you can emerge on the other side.  Divorce and other difficult life transitions suck, but they may be a great opportunity to regenerate yourself. You can actually live a life that’s better than ever before. Hard to believe, right? I’ve done it, and I can help you on that path too.

Stop Despair and Regain Hope

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Divorce Therapy

If you are just going through divorce or you are newly divorced, we may have to focus on helping you stabilize, and continue with your daily activities, so you can maintain focus and avoid getting deeper in despair. There are very effective interventions to help you get through to this period. I can help you gain new coping skills to deal with difficult emotions that plague you during this period. This kind of work helps you gain confidence and feel stronger and capable of managing difficult moments in life.

At this point, you may feel that you regained hope, and you may be able to manage on your own. You may decide to leave therapy, and we can celebrate your success. You may return to therapy if you feel a need in the future.

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Divorce Therapy

Deeper Work for Healthy Romantic Relationships

You may also want to address emotional trauma that comes from your family of origin. This usually leads to being attracted to abusive or emotionally unavailable partners. We repeat these patterns throughout life, and it often takes decades to change them. Working with me can help you be more in tune with yourself and be able to recognize partners that will be good for you. One of the most important aspects is feeling good about yourself and being able to feel attracted to partners that are actually good for you. This is something I specialize in. I’m passionate about helping women be ready for love again.

Working on Yourself Leads to Empowerment and Happiness

Imagine if you were able to live life according to your values and fulfill your deep yearning. How would it look like? It’s time to find out and create it after you go through some healing. You can learn how you can be happy. You’ve gone through life thinking that happiness will come to you by doing what others expect from you. Although serving others can bring happiness, doing what they expect from you without consideration for how it aligns with your desires and needs leads to a drained sense of self.   Working with me through Divorce Recovery can help you gain confidence, hope, strength and motivation to reinvent yourself. How would it be to

Dalila Jusic-Laberge Divorce Therapy

Work through Divorce Recovery and regain sense of self

  • Get in touch with your feelings, desires, and values
  • Feel empowered, confident, enthusiastic
  • Live a genuinely happy life
  • Feel confident about making decisions 
  • Be enthusiastic about the next chapter of your life
  • Be ready to find new love 
  • Know exactly what kind of partner is good for you
  • Be able to set clear limits with your childrn and gain their respect
  • Gain valuable skills to handle future life challenges
  • Reawaken your feminine side and feel competent in romantic relationship


My Approaches Used in Divorce Therapy:

  •  Mindfulness techniques that can help you learn to be in the present and in touch with your emotions, body sensations, and thoughts. This work focuses on the present moment while creating meaning from past experiences and pain that you are going through. This approach can lead to increased self-compassion, gratitude, intuition, peace, and an overall sense of well-being.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to examine and change your thought patterns that may have served you in the past, but at this point may lead to more pain and feeling stuck.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy helps gain insight into current behaviors and patterns based on unconscious processes.
  • Somatic work based on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy enables me to help you get in touch with your body sensations as they are connected to your thoughts and emotions.  Your experience both good and bad is memorized and stored in your body. Thus in addition to processing your emotions and thoughts, your body sensations are processed too. This is a very powerful way of working on trauma and other negative experiences because it incorporates all of the above, cognitive, mindfulness, and psychodynamic. Read more about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy 
  • Existential psychotherapy is based on the idea that we don’t feel joy and happiness due to not living according to our true nature and values. This is another important component that I add to my work with divorced women. Divorce Recovery is a good time to examine what we are truly about and how we can live a happy life during the next chapter.
  • Equine Assisted workshops and groups are powerful experiential work. It can be very effective because it involves completing tasks, during the sessions, which leads to potentially faster results. Horses are very helpful in providing feedback on our emotional state. They can see what neither you nor I may be aware of.
  • Groups and workshops that I design and facilitate address different issues that are helpful for women to improve relationships with themselves, their partners or family members. Read more about Workshops and groups here.
  • Discernment Counseling meant to help couples on the brink of divorce.  As none of us got married expecting to get divorced, we may be stuck in a marriage that isn’t working, but we are unable to move on. This service helps a couple figure out what led to the marital dysfunction while helping them determine how they want to proceed with their marriage. Read more about Discernment Counseling here.


Why wait any longer when you can start healing process now. Call or text to connect and see how we can work together. 

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