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Fellow Therapists

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Our profession is amazing. I’ve always been intrigued by human mind. Reading psychology books was one of my favorite activities since childhood. There are so many fields of psychology that are interesting to different people, but we all chose one of helping professions, such as psychologist, MFT, social workers, psychiatrists, counselors, etc.   Having an opportunity to help is very fulfilling for me. I’m sure you feel similarly most of the time.

How Different We All Are. Isn’t It Wonderful? Connection Will Empower Us 

The other exiting thing is that there are so many ways in which we can choose to help people. There are so many classic theoretical orientations that we can utilize as a base in our practice. In addition, there are numerous new approaches that allow us to expand understanding of our clients as well as add useful new tools to our assortment of helpful interventions.

Besides our different theoretical orientations, we all are such different people, with different strengths, temper, energy level, worldview, experiences, and the ways in which we interact with people and our clients.  I was facilitating a workshop with one of my colleagues. We both are specializing in working with divorced women. There was a moment when it was clear to me how different therapists “get” different people easier. My colleague was simply able to be more connected with one of the ladies that participated in the workshop. I was very happy that we collaborated and that this lady could feel that one of us resonated with her. We simply add extra value to our clients when we collaborate. Let’s connect to serve our clients.

How Can I Assist You in Serving Your Clients?

I believe our therapeutic work can be enhanced by our collaboration. As already stated, we all bring unique view and understanding of each client’s needs. Following are some of the ways in which my services may be useful to your clients in addition to your regular work with her.

Women’s Workshops and Groups

If you have a client who can benefit from being in a group setting with other women and work on her self-esteem, body image issues, assertiveness, setting effective boundaries, my time limited groups or workshops may be for your client. I organize both equine assisted and office based groups.

Therapist Continuing Education and Equine Assisted Workshops  

If you would like to learn more about equine assisted therapy and how it can help your clients, stay tuned for upcoming events. You may be interested in doing this for yourself.

We are also planning various workshops to address various issues that affect our profession, such as vicarious trauma, burn out, etc.

Discernment Counseling

Do you have a client who is stuck in a rut with his or own marriage and they want to leave, but they are still uncertain? This may cause difficulty in progress in your work with the client.

Also, you may be working with a mixed agenda couple. One of them is constantly talking about the divorce, but they are really not doing anything about it. They also don’t want to invest fully into couples counseling, and your progress with them may be difficult because of this.

Discernment counseling can help these couples. This is limited in time and it   to five sessions. Once they complete this and chose to work on their marriage, you will have much better luck helping them progress in their marriage. Discernment counseling isn’t there to help them improve their marriage, but help them figure out what contribution each partner made to the dysfunction in their marriage and what decision they want to make about their marriage.  Read more about Discernment Counseling

What about you? Who do you work with? What services do you provide?  I would love to know about your practice. Please feel free to contact me. I enjoy networking and getting to know my fellow colleagues. If you would like to collaborate on any of my projects or  to invite me to work together on something that you enjoy, please feel free to contact me.

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