Finding love post divorce is easier than you may think. Check this article.

Divorce After 40? Can You Find Love Again?

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Divorce isn’t something that you had in mind when you were getting married. Now, you are divorced, and wondering if you will ever find love. Do you feel as if a rug was pulled under your feet? Divorce is difficult and although you may feel relieved, you may be sad or hopeless. You were hoping that everything would work out, and you would live a happy life, but now you are going through or have gone through the divorce.   Is finding love still important to you? 

Everyone tells you odds of finding love after divorce for women over 40 are against you. They may tell you that there are fewer single men to choose from, or that men of your age are looking to marry younger women. You may also read certain statistical data that tell you about the probability of getting married at your age.

Statistical analyses may take into account many important details, such as your age, previous marital status, your education level, etc. But, they don’t take into account the most important aspect, your intent. Statistics ultimately don’t matter. This is your life, and you can create it to be more the way you want. It’s all about your yearning, drive, determination, and action.

In addition to statics, there are certain aspects of our upbringing that make us feel insufficient when it comes to relationships and love. Read more in my article Dating Women’s Frustration with Today’s Dating Scene.

Why Do I Think Finding Love Post Divorce Is Easier than You Think?

You’ve accomplished so much by now in your personal and professional life. You’ve been confident as a student, as a career woman, possibly a mother, but now you are feeling that you may not be able to find a life partner after everything you’ve gone through. It’s actually natural to feel like this after a divorce.  But, just like you accomplished so many other things, you can master this too.  Actually, you can be even more successful in finding what you want than some of your younger counterparts. Bear with me. Here are 5 reasons why divorced women over 40 have great chances of finding a life partner.

  1. You know what you want or what you don’t want. You may want love, relationship, marriage, or nothing serious. You are clear about it, and you are not timid to express it.
  2. You don’t need all those men (the ones we talked about above, that want those younger women). You want only one, the one that will be perfect for you, the one who will be stoked to be with you with all your idiosyncrasies.
  3. You will be a woman that men describe as cool in the dating scene.  You must be thinking, “Me? Cool?” Yes, you can be cool. You are no longer concerned with your biological clock, thread count in your sheets, or how many more bathrooms friend’s house has than yours.  You most likely have all the darn sheets you need by now. You will be able to enjoy dating and meeting people without the agenda, which becomes very attractive to a man. At the same time, it allows you to make the best decisions that will help you truly be happy.
  4. You will not be playing the games (you know, the ones that drive us nuts when men play them), and thus you will attract men that are more sincere. You will naturally have high standards, which will attract men that will appreciate it and want to be a part of your life.
  5. Oh, how refreshing this is! You will be yourself. You have no idea how refreshing this is to the men you will be dating. And guess what, being yourself will be so liberating for you. This one encompasses all other four points. It sums up all the work you’ve done so far,  and it reflects all the life experience that led you to this point.

Deep down, you may know this. All this makes sense to you on the intellectual level. Your friends tell you you’re amazing, attractive, smart, etc. But, somehow you may not feel it and be confident about it. You may feel it’s too late for you to find love now.  Well… Working with me can help you integrate your emotions with your intellect, so you can feel as good as you and your friends know you truly are. From this authentic place, you can be ready for anything you want in life.

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