You Can Recover from Divorce and Build a Life Better Than Ever Before

Although divorce is one of the most difficult interruptions in your life, you can start healing and move on. Get my slide presentation, How to Manage When You Don’t Feel Like Managing for free.

In spite of our best efforts, sometimes we wind up in situations that we didn’t bargain for. Divorce is one of the most extreme life interruptions.  Although you gave  your best to be a good mother, wife, or a partner, somehow it wasn’t enough. Things did not turn out the way you hoped for. Although people see you as a successful professional and caring and dedicated mother and wife, you feel like you are never good enough. Divorce makes it even more painfully obvious.

Right now, you are at the place of uncertainty, feeling inadequate, and wondering if anything you do will ever matter to anyone, or you may feel that you don’t deserve the love and appreciation that you crave. You are not sure about how to move on in life and what matters to you at this point. Believe me, you are not alone feeling like this. Divorce stirs up old pain and brings these feelings back to the surface for all of us. I know this very well. I’ve gone through a similar struggle.

You’ve worked so hard for all these years and made other’s lives easier, while you put your feelings and desires on a back burner.  We women are raised to neglect our feelings and needs for the benefit of others. The problem is that this doesn’t necessarily benefit anyone, and you wind up feeling unappreciated.

By working on resolving internal pain, you can actually get in touch with who you are and gain more skills to deal with difficulties that arise in the future.  You’ll be surprised, but you can actually live even more fulfilling life than ever before. Divorce can be a gift although at this point it may not feel so for you.  The trick is in focusing on yourself at this time and becoming aware of your values and standards.  By learning how to recognize and be aware of your emotions and needs you can build effective boundaries and develop more fulfilling relationships.

How amazing it could be if you could feel more confident about your intuition and choices? How liberating it would it be if you didn’t have to make decisions based on fear, but rather on your internal values? You could be empowered to make decisions and choices that lead you to joyful life and happiness within yourself and satisfying relationships with others.

I specialize in helping women get through divorce and other relationship challenges in individual, equine assisted group, or couple therapy sessions. My passion is helping women awaken their intuition and emotional intelligence that’s been dormant due to social upbringing that caused us to fulfill the expected roles. I would love to connect with you and discuss your unique needs and how we can work together.

I am located at a convenient location in Agoura Hills serving nearby areas, such as Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Calabasas, Malibu, etc.

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