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Set boundaries

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Build a lasting happy relationship

Many women feel unworthy of the love they crave. I offer online courses, relationship coaching, and counseling to help them confidently embrace love from the right partner.

Do you feel stuck and frustrated when it comes to your love life or other relationships? Or, perhaps, you keep yourself busy, so you don't have to face loneliness? You don't need to feel stuck anymore.  

It's just not cool that you cry yourself to sleep when feeling lonely, and you have so much to give. You deserve to be loved just the way you are and to be appreciated for everything you have to offer, especially all the love in your heart.

You've got what it takes to transform your relationships., and  feel like a muse, confident, empowered, and loveable.  You don't have to do this alone. I'm here to guide you through this process. 

Be Here and Now Counseling
 Relationship Academy

Guiding high achieving, professional, entrepreneurial women towards creating secure healthy relationships with quality men ready for commitment 

Providing online counseling, coaching, and courses

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

I'm Dalila. 

My personal belief is that each of us is the best that the world can gift to one lucky person. Your anxiety prevents you from allowing yourself to show up as you are. You are IT for someone just because you are you! 

I formed Be Here &  Now Relationship Academy giving my best from decades of personal experience and years of diverse clinical work and advanced training. My drive is to help people accept themselves, so they can be ready for love. 

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Feel empowered to transform your relationships 

I'll show you the path from frustration and confusion to confidence and happiness so you can enjoy healthy relationships with your partner, children, colleagues, and yourself.

Although you may not feel you've got what you need to have relationships you want, I want to assure you that you are incredible.  You are IT for one special person waiting for you out there. The love and time you give to others are the most valuable gifts you can give them. 

You can make the needed changes, so you can feel that what you have to give is honored by others.  

Whether you are single, married, or in a partnership, you may feel

  • confused
  • unhappy
  • unloveable
  • taken for granted

The more you give, the more defeated and helpless you feel. No matter how you adjust your behaviors, things are still the same. That sucks!

Perhaps your children don't respect you as they should, or your colleagues don't recognize your talents and efforts. Maybe you are dating, and you are always attracted to emotionally unavailable guys while you crave a deep connection.


You've got what it takes  

Whatever your situation is, you don't have to stay frustrated and confused anymore. You have what it takes to mke your relationships amazing.  Although it seems hard now, you can enjoy respect, affection, and appreciation effortlessly, just because you are you.

Imagine how cool it would be if you didn't feel that you need to get a Ph.D in communications and foreign relations to get the love and gratitude you want. 

What would it be like?  

  • your guy would start adoring you
  • multiple suitors would be doing everything to show you that they can be the one for you
  • at work, they would recognize you for a promotion 
  • your children would look up to you as a role model instead of disregarding you

Many of my clients have reached more than one of these results even though they only focused on one of them. The fact is, that when you work on yourself, all aspects of your life become better. 

You don't need to do this alone

I'm here to guide you through the transformation to get you unstucked.  You may not see the way out of your situation right now.  I understand how daunting and confusing it is because I used to be on the same quest.  I'm on the other side now, and I've helped many women just like you deal with their fears, transform, and grow to enjoy love to the fullest. 

You deserve to feel loved and to know that your love is valued and cherished.   

So, I'm inviting you to take the next step. Don't wait any longer. Book a free consult with me.

What's next 

  1. You can book a free consult so we can discuss how I can support you. If we decide to work together, we make a schedule that works for us.
  2. Then you will complete and submit online documentation that I send you via a secure platform
  3. I will send you a link for our online video conference meeting (this too is a secure platform)
  4. Meet at our regular time

If we figure out that we may not be able to work together, I can at least help you figure out two things you need to work on to improve your relationships.  

So, take the first step now. It costs you 15-30 minutes of your time, and you can gain significant insights.

Is This





Relationship Academy


It's likely that you may find yourself in all three categories. When you start working on the most urging issue, other issues get resolved too.

After only a few weeks of working with me, my clients express such gratitude because they feel significantly better. Their hope is restored and they see that there are the ways in which they can get to their goals. This hope causes my clients to feel significantly calmer and happier. 

You too can be one of many women I've helped feel confident in relationships and manifest the following results: 

  • Enjoy dating with confidence and have multiple suitors
  • Know how to communicate with your partner to get closer instead of making him feel attacked
  • Position yourself as someone who's worthy of promotion at work
  • Have respect from your children. They will love you for it.
  • Feel like a muse (even if you guy isn't a poet)
  • Be calm
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Different ways you can work with me to improve your relationships:


Individual online therapy 

Deal with trauma, depression,  and anxiety that prevent you from expanding your experience and enjoy love and relationships 

Work through negative emotional patterns from childhood and past relationships  

Working on these issues is essential if you want to have happy relationships


Relationship coaching 

For people who want to master emotional intelligence and communication skills

Learn how to communicate assertively and in the way that will help you get closer to your partner

Learn specific mindfulness skills to manage anxiety on a date

Master the positive mindset to raise your self-esteem and confidence 


Online Courses 

Learn different relationship skills 

Work at your own pace 

Access support and my feedback

Get free memberships and earn  bonuses as you progress 

Relationship Academy

Couple's Counseling 

Reignite passion

Help each other heal old wounds 

Improve communication 

Grow together 

Downfalls of unhappy relationships

You can continue trying to fix your relationships by overfunctioning and staying busy while growing more resentful as days go by. You've been doing this for long time. Unfortunately, when your relationships are unhappy, other issues become more painful. These include

  • anxiety 
  • depression 
  • anger problems 
  • feeling powerless 
  • feeling hopeless
  • stress
  • and many more

Let's see what you need to work on to enjoy love and life. Schedule a free consult session with me, and we can discuss how we can work together.

A moment of reflection

Now, I invite you to ask yourself an important question. Imagine if in five or ten years everything stays the same as it is now. How do you feel when you think like this? 

If you are happy with it, then you don't have to do anything about your situation. If you are not, then I urge you to make the first step and book a free consult with me. This could be your first step towards the relationships you dream of. 

If you are not ready to book the consult session, then sign up for my free membership where you can get free courses about communication, limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting the love you want, and much more. 


Get access to relationship courses for free

Enjoy the courses available now and get bonuses just for completing the courses. 

  •  Accidental Singledom Checkllist. - Learn how to change your limiting beliefs and get the love you want
  •   Reach Your Partner's Heart- Communicate with your partner, so he never has to feel attacked. 
  •  Bonuses - Discover as you complete the other courses

The Accidental Singledom Checklist 

Accidental Singledom Checkligs

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