Coaching for Single Women Looking for Love and Healthy Relationships

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Coaching for Single Women Who Want Love

If you are looking for epic love in your life, book your free discovery session now.  

Coaching for single women

Do you cringe when you think of dating? But, at the same time, you would really love to have a partner, a man to share your beautiful life with, someone that you can feel safe to give your heart to.

You’ve tried so many things. You let your friend fix you up with her cousin, you tried online dating, and on numerous nights, you wind up crying yourself to sleep. It’s been exhausting, hasn’t it?

For God’s sake, shouldn’t it be easier? You are attractive, smart,  and cool.

All your friends like you.  And, some so many men are looking for love too. So, what’s the issue?

What do you tell yourself   

Perhaps you are too successful to be able to find a man that will not be threatened by your achievements? Or, all men are players? Maybe you’ve heard that all good men are taken. Oh, yes! Stats are stacked against you. Right!?

There is a lot of information about these topics. As a matter of fact, you can use this information to find excuses for not pursuing what you want. We all create stories based on our limiting beliefs. These stories prevent us from achieving our goals and desires. 

Ultimately what matters is your desire. You want love, and you deserve to be loved for all you have to offer. You deserve someone who gets you, someone who can even see all your shortcomings, and not only accept them, but actually love them.

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Could coaching for single women help you?

Do you see yourself in any of these:

  • Sick of dating
  • Losing hope that you will ever find the love you want
  • You think love only comes to those lucky ones
  • Feeling confused and frustrated because you feel you tried all kinds of advice and nothing worked for you
  • You are ready to become a nun (just kidding) but I get the frustration
  • You wanna smack someone’s face when they tell you, “Wow! You are too pretty to be single. You must be very picky.”
  • You would really like to have a partner, be happy, and be done with all of the above on this list

What can coaching for single women do for you

I want you to know that you can change this and be happy in love. You can feel confident and empowered. Most importantly, you can feel worthy of the love you crave. Just like you succeeded in other attempts, you can succeed in this pursuit.

Another great benefit is that  you can enjoy the journey of getting there. You don’t have to do it alone. Just as you need teachers and mentors for other attempts in your life, you can be happy in love if you get the right guidance.

Coaching for single women

I know it's hard to trust and open yourself up when you've tried everything and nothing worked. I've been there myself. You may not be able to see yourself in a happy relationship right now, but I’m here to cheer you on and help you with guidance. 

I can help you feel good about yourself, become confident, and ready to receive the love you crave from the right partner.

How working with me changes my clients 

Coaching for single women

I've helped many women overcome fear, frustration, and confusion.  I guide my clients through the transformation from feeling lonely, hopeless, and confused to feeling empowered and frisky. I teach them skills that empower them to know how to react in different situations when it comes to dating and love. My clients wind up having multiple suitors when they start dating.

Besides feeling competent in the relationships my clients say that they feel calm and happy. When I’m able to make them understand how amazing they are for at least a millisecond, my clients start blossoming and getting multiple suitors’ invitations.

 After more than twelve years of clinical work as a marriage and family therapist, advanced training in psychology of relationships, and decades of personal life experience, I decided to offer coaching for single women who want love.  Deep down, we all need to feel loved and appreciated for all that we are.  

See what one of my clients say about my work

Coaching for single women

These skills will help you if you are on a quest for love and a committed relationship

To help you get the fastest results, I create a specialized curriculum just for you based on the questionnaire that you complete and feedback that you give me. I also prescribe homework that will help you solidify the skills we are working on.

I describe some of the most essential skills below. Click on each to find out more about them.

Relationship Academy


Coaching for single women


Coaching for single women


coaching for single women


coaching for single women


Coaching for single women


There can be other skills. An individualized approach is essential for success, and we focus on what you need to work on for your specific situation.

My clients feel so happy that for the first few months they expect something horrible to happen

Perhaps you can imagine how your life would be, but it may be hard to believe it deep down in your being. Imagine how it would be if you could feel safe to give your heart entirely to a partner that will cherish you and appreciate you for being you just the way you are.

If you are like most of my clients, you would probably be waiting for something terrible to happen because of the deep-rooted limiting beliefs that you re not worthy of love, or that it’s not possible to be happy.  I know it's funny how we are, but we have a hard time letting go of our anxiety

 Meanwhile, your guy proves to you every day that he is there for you and that he adores you in spite of all the negative things you think or feel about yourself. 

While you are waiting for something terrible to happen your man proves you wrong

  • Every day tries to figure out how to create a beautiful life for you
  • Gets you deep down, knows how you feel and think before you even know yourself
  • Loves you exactly the way you are with all your awesomeness and shortcomings
  • Reassures you when you are feeling hopeless or worried

Coaching for single women looking for love can help you get a good partner with ease

I know it's hard to believe when you are a cynical smartass, but...

This kind of love exists. It happens for many women. They are not the lucky ones. They know that they are worthy of that kind of love. Once you can feel this for yourself, then you will be attracted to these kinds of guys that are also ready for this kind of love.

If you have a strong desire to be ready to receive love from the right partner, I know you can do it. I did it too, but it took me decades to get there. Please don’t be like me. Don’t wait so long. You can do it much faster than that with the right guidance.

Book your free discovery session now

What are the next steps-how do we proceed

What’s the usual procedure when working with me?

  1. Book a free discovery session so we can see what you need to work on to be ready to get the love you want. During our conversation, we can create specific objectives that will help you  accomplish your goals. 
  2. If we decide to work together, I will send you initial documentation to complete online. You would complete a questionnaire too that would give me a little bit more information about you. This will give me more insight into your specific situation. We would schedule our meetings. 
  3. You download ZOOM if you already don’t have it, and we would meet online. ZOOM is free and easy to work with. 

Start here 👇

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

I'm Dalila. 

My personal belief is that each of us is the best that the world can gift to one lucky person. Your anxiety prevents you from allowing yourself to show up as you are. You are IT for someone just because you are you! 

I formed Be Here &  Now Relationship Academy giving my best from decades of personal experience and years of diverse clinical work and advanced training. My drive is to help people accept themselves, so they can be ready for love. 

Read more about my views 


A moment of reflection

Now, I invite you to ask yourself an important question. Imagine if in five or ten years everything stays the same as it is now. How do you feel when you think like this? 

If you are happy with it, then you don't have to do anything about your situation. If you are not, then I urge you to make the first step and book a free discovery session with me. This could be your first step towards the relationships you dream of. 

If you are not ready to book the discovery session, then sign up for my free membership where you can get free courses about communication, limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting the love you want, and much more. 


Get access to relationship courses for free

Enjoy the courses available now and get bonuses just for completing the courses. 

  •  Accidental Singledom Checkllist. - Learn how to change your limiting beliefs and get the love you want
  •   Reach Your Partner's Heart- Communicate with your partner, so he never has to feel attacked. 
  •  Bonuses - Discover as you complete the other courses

The Accidental Singledom Checklist 

Accidental Singledom Checkligs

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