Five Dating Stages for Anxious Love Seekers who Want Epic Secure Love Now

And a Relationship that Will Actually Make You Happy for Long Time to Come

15 March@ 1:00 pM PST

15 March 2022

1.00  PM  PST


You missed out!

You know, you can master dating too...

You don't have to put up with shit like... 

  • Feeling exhausted of men who stop replying after a few exchanges
  • Feeling hopeless that there are no good single men left 
  • Overthinking and driving yourself nuts wondering what they are thinking and what their intentions are
  • Men that constantly text you but never make plans 
  • Wondering about how he feels about you 
  • Waiting for him to decide if he loves you
  • Emotional self-policing and walking on eggshells thinking that this will help you attract him
  • Pretending that everything is OK just so you don't come across as clingy or needy


Knowing how to create a secure relationship 

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Benefits of mastering five dating stages for anxious love seekers

I know dating and relationship may feel so elusive to you, but I am telling you that you don't have to feel like this. This can be much easier that what your experience may be. The thing is that you may need some guidance, and thankfully I'm here. 

Slow down the attachment process 

If you are an anxious love seeker, this is essential if you want to create secure love with a partner that can actually love you in the ways you need him to love you 

Learn how to discern who's right for you

Many women don't know what to look for, so they relay on superficial characteristics that don't guarantee a happy and healthy relationship in the future. 

Realize that there are fantastic men eager for love and relationship that you want too

How about that?! Instead of feeling like there are no good single men left, you can feel like you have a choices of partners. 

Stop overfunctioning and  trying to prove yourself worthy of someone's commitment 

Once you see the abundance of men eager to show you who they are, you can learn to relax into a relationship of your dreams. 

Two things that cause men to lose interest even if they are highly attracted to you. 

How to handle the two months crisis! After a strong start and falling in love, he starts withdrawing. 

Why is it important that you are in charge of the pace in the relationshp. Deeper reasons than, "Men are hunters." 

If you want to transform overthinking, self-deprecating thoughts, wondering where you stand with him,  and emotional roller-coaster ups and downs into… 

The empowered, self confident, and assured thoughts of a woman who knows her value and how to create connection with men of her choosing then join us by clicking below

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Your course host:

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge 

All her life, Dalila was fascinated with relationships and psychology. Romantic love is her personal yearning, so she graduated psychology, got her masters in clinical psychology and became a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

After working with so many people over years in her clinical practice, Dalila realized that most people's struggles come from early upbringing and attachment trauma. This is one of the main reasons we struggle in adult romantic relationships. This led her to complete additional training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy gaining valuable skills in treating attachment traumas. 

So, here I am, eager to share my experience and knowledge with you. I hope you join me. It should be fun. Bring a friend or two, and of course don't forget to bring your wondering mind and heart. 

FYI, I went through a similar struggle as you, when I was on my quest for love. 

Ready to feel empowered, confident and date on your terms?!

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