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Ignite the Spark: How to use Communication Scripts to Fuel Magnetic Attraction

If you are tired of wondering where your relationship is going and you want a partner who pursues you consistently... you may be missing just a few tips and courting strategies that can turn this around 

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The Magnetic Attraction Mastery Call 

In this 30 minute chat, we will look at: 

  • How you are positioning yourself, your communication style, and courting strategies to see how you can feel confident and knowing where your relationship is going (that means NO pushing him to make up his mind and YES to security and connection) 
  • Review your courting strategies to identify how we can help you slow down your attachment process so you can feel more confident about making the right choices. Women who do this feel empowered within a couple of weeks.
  •  Discover # 1 communication problem that causes men to pull away even after being very invested in you from the very beginning.
  • Develop a three-step plan that will help you be on the way to creating magnetic attraction and powerful emotional bond with a quality relationship-ready man 

See what my clients say


"... In the past I was afraid to express my wants and needs for fear of being rejected or called needy. Dalila thought me how to communicate in an open, kind, yet firm way, and I now have the relationship I always wanted to have... Within 6 months he proposed. I couldn't believe my luck but it wasn't luck. It was hard work, training, and self-discovery that led me to success. Knowing what I wanted was the first step on that journey."


“...Thank you so very much for helping me work through my trauma. I could not have imagined myself in a place like this - with a wonderful loving man like Justin. Yet, here we are. You helped me be brave and open to the possibilities of things I was not ready to imagine but are so real.

Many many thanks!"


"I don't express my feelings, especially early on in relationships and when dating. I get frustrated as I don't know where I stand and then I back down when I feel they slipping away or losing interest because I don't want to appear weak and needy and I don't let them know how I am really feeling about them or the situation.

After this program, I feel a sense of relief that I can communicate my feelings without shame and fear because I am allowed to have these feelings."


You may be just a few AHA-moments from a real relationship, the one in which he shows you how much you matter to him.