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Join us. Help us create a community of badass women who want healthy lasting relationships. Let's support each other.  

This is a free Facebook group for modern independent women who want to figure out dating, relationships, and other simple complicated topics. 😜

Meet your group facilitator

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Relationship Expert

Dalila is a relationship expert who helped hundreds of women heal and create relationships of their dreams. Her specialty is helping women who attach too soon and who struggle because their partners don’t show them the amount of affection they need. 

Dalila teaches how to handle difficult feelings and communication skills that can help you develop a deep lasting bond with your partner. She helps women uncover their own emotional intelligence which may be dormant due to our efforts to accomplish the goals imposed from the outside of ourselves.

Dalila utilizes body-mind techniques because our bodies can help us understand our feelings. That’s essential for effective communication and developing healthy lasting relationships.