How High-Achieving Women Can Become Secure Love Creators

Are you tired of the vicious cycle of emotional highs and lows in relationship with emotionally unavailable men who are always too busy for you, but give you just enough so you keep hoping? 

It's time for you to experience a relationship with someone who prioritizes you and who's ready to move mountains to be with you. 

I helped many women understand themselves better, which helped them clarify what they're looking for in a partner.  I also guided them in realizing what they need to change to create a happy, secure relationship.

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Benefits of Relationship Coaching 

Understand your feelings

Even women who grow up in loving homes experience attachment trauma or wounding that causes them to not understand their feelings and needs. This is a major obstacle in creating a secure relationship because you will struggle with communication. 

Learn to communicate

When understand yourself, you can communicate your feelings, needs, and boundaries in the ways that will help you build a strong emotional bond with the right man. 

Understand your partner

Although many women focus on figuring out what their partners are thinking and feeling, they misunderstand men because they project their limiting beliefs and fears. They This kind of "mind reading" prevents you from truly understanding your partner.  

Feel loved

So many women hope their partner will love them in the ways they need to be loved, but the problem is much deeper. Very often we struggle to feel worthy of love due to attachment trauma while hoping our partner will heal us. Partners in these instances report feeling completely helpless and unable to "make her happy" although they really wanted to. 

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge


I'm Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

I'm a relationship coach who works with strong independent women to help them find a partner and create a relationship that will actually make them happy

Love has been my yearning in life forever. I remember as a little girl thinking, “One day, I will find the love of my life.” Besides that, I geek out on politics and hopelessly try to convince people we deserve better treatment like in other developed countries.

But, perhaps more relevant to you, I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship coach helping women create relationships that will actually make them happy and in which they can love freely without the need for overfunctioning, confusion, and mind games.

Be Here & Now Relationship Academy CEO

How It Works


You complete application through a secure platform 


Then, you book the time for a free consult session. 


During the consult session, we discuss what your needs are. 


If we decide to work together, we make a plan and schedule our meetings

Imagine if romance was so easy as your career or education?

Well, maybe your career and education were difficult, but you most likely feel like a lot of it depends on your efforts. I will remind you of how you spent a lot of time learning how to get where you are at right now. Well, relationships demand skills too.  

Although you may have great relationship and communication skills for general relationships, romantic relationships are unique. Your emotional intelligence may be covered by survival skills that helped you manage difficult relationships in your childhood. 

Don't you think it's time for you to figure this out? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a relationship with a man who is eager to get to know you and who is not afraid to love you for all you are?

You can do it, but you may have to make some changes. You can't create secure love when you are operating in a survival mode, a mode that causes you to hide who you are and feel ashamed of your needs. 

I can guide you through your transition from an anxious love seeker to a secure love creator, so you can enjoy a relationship with a man eager to pursue a relationship with you, a man that will not leave you feeling confused or frustrated...

Real Success Stories

"... In the past I was afraid to express my wants and needs for fear of being rejected or called needy. Dalila thought me how to communicate in an open, kind, yet firm way, and I now have the relationship I always wanted to have... Within 6 months he proposed. I couldn't believe my luck but it wasn't luck. It was hard work, training, and self-discovery that led me to success. Knowing what I wanted was the first step on that journey."


“...Thank you so very much for helping me work through my trauma. I could not have imagined myself in a place like this - with a wonderful loving man like Justin. Yet, here we are. You helped me be brave and open to the possibilities of things I was not ready to imagine but are so real.

Many many thanks!


"I don't express my feelings, especially early on in relationships and when dating. I get frustrated as I don't know where I stand and then I back down when I feel they slipping away or losing interest because I don't want to appear weak and needy and I don't let them know how I am really feeling about them or the situation.

After this program, I feel a sense of relief that I can communicate my feelings without shame and fear because I am allowed to have these feelings."


Your growth while working with me


Assessment brings insight 
  • You complete a questionnaire and documentation that helps you reflect on your relationship history and helps me get to know you better
  • While we get to know each other more, you become more aware of your limiting beliefs, feelings, values, needs, and boundaries. 
  • We determine what you need to focus on to meet your goals and create a plan that is easy for you


Process of discovery brings clarity 
  • You learn how to become aware of your feelings, boundaries, and needs
  • You consciously keep deciding on what actions you need to take (dating, communication, etc)  
  • You become more comfortable with the new ways of engaging in romantic relationships. Your communication is clear, and your partner responds well to the changes in your communication 


Practice brings a sense of safety
  • As you implement conscious communication strategies, your insecurities gradually wane and you develop new sense of empowerment 
  • You gain a new understanding of men's psychology and understand your power as a woman 
  • Confusion about your partner dissipate as your clarity about your needs, boundaries, and feelings grows. 


In order to help you meet your goals sooner, I give you access to the library of all courses that can help you with various relationship skills, such as communication from self-love, understanding men, understanding your own emotions, and so on. 

It's time to go after what you want the most

I know you can figure this out on your own just like so many of us did after numerous heartbreaks, divorces, and lost hope. When I think of how much time it took me (speaking of decades) to get here where I am now, it makes me want to shake all the women and tell them that they don't have to struggle as long as I did. 

You don't have to struggle. There are easier and better ways to stop repeating the same unhealthy patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that lead you to sabotage your chances of creating a healthy relationship. 

Just imagine!

  • Meeting a man that continues pursuing you even after the initial couple of months. When you are ready for him to become busy, he continues showing you that he is more and more interested in commitment 
  • Just when you show some of your most embarrassing parts of self and think, "Here it goes. He will definitely withdraw now," he reassures you that he is not going anywhere, and he feels even more attached to you because he sees all parts of you, good, bad, and in between. 
  • Then you become encouraged and apply "Dalila's teachings," and "have a talk" with him about something that bothers you. You definitely think, this will be it. He's gonna split. But, what happens instead, he adores you even more. He can't believe his eyes that he found such an amazing woman who communicates openly with him.

Yes, this is what happens when my clients implement my tips. What about you? Are you eager to feel deep soulful connection and love based on "just because of you."

Are you ready to be brave and stand up for what you want, secure love with a partner that is ready to move the mountains to have your heart.

Let's talk!  





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Frequently asked questions

How do I know relationship coaching is right for me?

If you are doing well and not struggling with severe anxiety and depression, relationship coaching may be good for you. If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, you may need therapy before you are ready for relationship coaching. 

Do you help with trauma

Although I specialize in treating trauma, relationship coaching isn’t appropriate trauma treatment. In our work together, we address attachment trauma that causes you limiting beliefs that prevent you from thriving in relationships. 

If your trauma symptoms are too intrusive and cause too many difficulties in daily life, trauma therapy may be more appropriate. 

Does working with you help me get any man I want?

While working with me helps you understand men and communicate in the ways that create powerful emotional bond with them, this work isn’t meant to convert men that are not right for you. Instead I focus on helping you understand your needs and learn how to communicate them to your partner or your dates. 

This often results in helping your partner understand you and feel less defensive in conversations. When women share their emotions from this conscious place of self-love, men become highly attracted and gradually more attached. 

What's the main benefit of working with you?

My clients learn to connect with men on a deep emotional level by being in touch with their feelings and learning soulful communication. They are brave to express their needs, desires, and boundaries. By doing so, every day they learn how attractive and important they are to their partner.

Dating women report effortless dating and no need to analyze or spend hours on the phone with their friends figuring out what their guy is thinking or feeling. 

Do you give me specific advice on what to do when I feel confused?

It’s against my ethical principles to tell you what to do about your relationships. My goal is to help you find clarity, embodied knowing, the knowing that comes from deep understanding and experience. This clarity allows you to communicate effectively and know when you are triggered by old wounds and attachment trauma so you don’t project it into your interaction with your partner. 

I also teach you about male psychology and science of attraction and attachment, so you can make your own decisions. 

This is how you become empowered in relationships. It’s time that you become aware of that power and use it to create a secure relationship, not only for your personal benefit but also for the benefit of that one lucky guy that captures your heart.  

What techniques do you use in your work

The benefits of working 1:1 with me is that I am trained and familiar with many modalities. One of the most important skills is attunement that helps me carefully choose the right interventions that suit your specific needs and personalities. 

I specialize in somatic work based on utilizing body sensation in helping you explore your emotions, beliefs, and triggers. This work is effective in helping you be in touch with your needs and boundaries and managing your emotions. 

I also use inner child work in combination with somatic work based on Janina Fisher’s work. These teachings are modified to help you uncover your emotional intelligence covered by survival coping skills that helped you manage not so safe relationships in childhood.  

My clients embody knowing, deep understanding of their own emotional states, triggers, and ability to connect with their partners.