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I do my best work with clients that are dedicated and ready to invest in themselves and their life. Attending therapy is an investment, but the returns immeasurable. How much is your sense of self, happiness, and relationships worth? I work with people who value these above everything else.

I believe you too care about this, but you wonder if therapy will really work for you. It has for many people. Just like all that trauma and negative experiences were able to get you to the place of suffering, therapy can help you undo some of that damage, learn how to manage, and how to change your life to add more positive events that will build you up in a new way.

Rates & Insurance

The usual and customary fee for service is $250 per 50-minute office session. Sessions longer than 50-minutes are charged for the additional time pro rata.


When coming as a couple or a family, there is a need for more extensive assessment and to be most effective it is customary that the initial session is 100-minutes. It is important for me to get to know your complex concerns and be able to do some work that will help you handle conflicts better after the first session. Subsequent sessions are typically 50-minutes unless together we determine it would be more helpful to have longer sessions.

Discernment Counseling requires up to five sessions. The first session is two hours, and the rest of them are 90 minutes. After each session, a couple decides if they want to continue with the Discernment Counseling or if their needs are met. The rates for Discernment counseling are prorated based on time and $ 250 per 50 minute-sessions. First two hours would be $600 based on 2 hour time. Following 4 sessions are  $ 450  each based on 90 minute time. This includes a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with each partner prior to scheduling services.

I accept cash, checks, major credit cards, and HRA, Health or Flex Saving Account type plans.


In order to provide the best quality services, I am not contracted with any insurance panels. It is important for me to provide the best treatment for you without giving you a mental health disorder diagnosis. If I were to be contracted with insurance companies, I would be required to share your patient information with them and would have to diagnose you or your family with an illness. This information stays on your medical record and your other providers may have access to it. As some people may have mental health disorders, I believe many people are just stuck in difficult patterns due to difficult experiences or trauma. So, diagnosing people for the sake of getting reimbursed by insurance does not align with the way I want to provide my services. I also don’t want a third party to determine your course of treatment. I believe that decision is between you and me.

If you still want to use your insurance, you may have out of network benefits. Please check with your insurance provider about the details. I am happy to provide you with an invoice to get reimbursed by your insurance.

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