Relationship Coaching to Bring Back Love in Your Relationship

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Relationship Coaching  
for Women in a Relationship

If you are looking to bring back passion into your relationship schedule a free discovery session

Relationship coaching ignite passion

Do you sometimes feel as if you are talking to a brick wall when communicating with your partner?

Or perhaps, you don't even express your needs, just to wind up yelling at him for small unrelated issues when you are angry at something else.

Somehow, the more you try to communicate with him, the more he withdraws and seems to care less and less about what you have to say. Why is it so hard when you love each other?

He said he cared for you, so why doesn't he show it with his behaviors? 

You love each other, but...

When you just met, you enjoyed meeting each other in the role of romantic partners. But, as time went on life took its course.

You've become familiar with each other, and things became a little stale. You both are busy with many tasks at work, household, with children, etc. Somehow, it wasn't easy to make a special effort for your relationship.

You may not even know what kind of effort you can make besides going on an occasional scheduled date or celebrating anniversaries.

Life naturally wears you out, and when that's paired with withdrawal from the initial honeymoon phase, It's natural that you feel disheartened.

You may start looking at your partner as an answer to your struggle, your hero that will rescue you and make you happy. After all, why did you commit to him? Right?!

Then, you try to communicate with him about your needs, but the more you do so, the more he resists changing to make you happy. And, now, you are stuck not knowing what to do.

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Could relationship coaching help improve your relationship?

Do you see yourself in any of these:

  • Losing hope that you can be happy with your partner
  • Frustrated that he doesn’t seem to get you
  • Feel taken for granted
  • Feeling confused and frustrated because you feel you tried all kinds of advice and nothing worked for you
  • Feel that you don’t matter to him
  • You argue a lot with your partner
  • You would do everything to make it better and feel as good as when you just met him

What can relationship coaching do for you

I'm not here to tell you that you should not want your man to be your hero. I don't want to tell you that you should find happiness in yourself first (that would help). I'm here to help you improve your relationship with your man.

I want you to know that you have the power to change his behaviors. Once you implement what I'm teaching, you can start getting completely different results from your partner.

Not just that, he will be thrilled. He will probably call me to thank me for whatever I did to help you change. You see, he will see a change in you. You will learn how to inspire him. 

Relationship Coaching

Just so you know, I'm not teaching you old school knowledge on how to be a humble woman, so that your hubby or partner become merciful and change their behaviors.

No! No! No! I'm here to teach you mindfulness skills that will help you be in touch with your emotions and then communicate with your men directly from your heart. Instead of feeling attacked, he can get a desire to protect you from whatever is bothering you, even if it's him. 

I will give you tips that will help you inspire him to change his behaviors. Because you know what? He does want to be your hero.

How working with me changes my clients 

Ayla was on the verge of filing for divorce when she found me. I helped her with communication skills with her husband. 

When Ayla understood how her husband thinks, and when she became aware of what her feelings are, she was able to utilize communication skills I taught her.

Not only did her husband listen to her, and their relationship was resurrected, but they were able to find a new passion for each other and their relationship.

Ayla is now happy, and her husband doesn't feel constantly attacked by her.  She has such communication skills that their arguments bring them closer together. This is what my special communication techniques do for my clients.

See what one of my clients say about my work

Coaching for single women

These skills will help you if you want to have a happy love life with your partner

To help you get the fastest results, I create a specialized curriculum just for you based on the questionnaire that you complete and feedback that you give me. I also prescribe homework that will help you solidify the skills we are working on.

I describe some of the most essential skills below. Click on each to find out more about them.

Relationship Coaching


Relationship Coaching


Relationship coaching


Relationship coaching


coaching for single women


Relationship coaching


There can be other skills. An individualized approach is essential for success, and we focus on what you need to work on for your specific situation.

My clients feel so happy that for the first few months they expect something horrible to happen

I want you to know that you too can change your relationship. You can feel the renewed happiness and guess what. You may be able to do it without dragging him into a therapy session.

If he wants to go, great! Most likely he doesn't, so that's why you are here on this page. You can singlehandedly switch things around. How would that look like?

Imagine, him buying you gifts and flowers every now and then, just because... How would that feel? I bet you great, huh?

Imagine your partner becoming a teddy bear instead of emotionally distant John Wayne type, the way you are used to.

Then, he becomes protective of you in front of everyone and makes sure he's got your back. That feels good, huh?

It's like falling in love all over again. You can make this happen regardless of how bleak your situation looks like.

While you are waiting for something terrible to happen your man proves you wrong

  • Every day tries to figure out how to create a beautiful life for you
  • Tries to resolve issues with you when something goes wrong instead of withdrawing
  • Showers you with gifts and sweet gestures
  • Reassures you when you are feeling hopeless or worried
  • Shows a renewed passion for you 
  • Jumps on Ophra's couch in the excitement that you are his partner (just kidding, but he does show off his affection in front of other people)

Relationship coaching for women in a relationship can help you resurrect your love

I know it's hard to believe when you tried so many things, and nothing worked, but...

These methods work if you are dedicated to your relationship and are willing to let go of your ego and do the necessary work.  My clients are usually skeptical too, but they usually regain hope after our first session when they implement the changes I suggest.

Otherwise, what else can you do? Wait for something to happen? Try doing something random and hope it works out? The problem with that approach is that your relationship may deteriorate to the point of no return.

Don't let that happen.

Book your free discovery session now

What are the next steps-how do we proceed

What’s the usual procedure when working with me?

  1. Book a free discovery session so we can see what you need to work on to resurrect your relationship. During our conversation, we can create specific objectives that will help you  accomplish your goals. 
  2. If we decide to work together, I will send you initial documentation to complete online. You would complete a questionnaire too that would give me a little bit more information about you and your relationship. This will give me more insight into your specific situation. We would schedule our meetings. 
  3. You download ZOOM if you already don’t have it, and we would meet online. ZOOM is free and easy to work with. 

Start here 👇

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

I'm Dalila. 

My personal belief is that each of us is the best that the world can gift to one lucky person. Your anxiety prevents you from allowing yourself to show up as you are. You are IT for someone just because you are you! 

I formed Be Here &  Now Relationship Academy giving my best from decades of personal experience and years of diverse clinical work and advanced training. My drive is to help people accept themselves, so they can be ready for love. 

Read more about my views 


A moment of reflection

Now, I invite you to ask yourself an important question. Imagine if in five or ten years everything stays the same as it is now. How do you feel when you think like this? 

If you are happy with it, then you don't have to do anything about your situation. If you are not, then I urge you to make the first step and book a free discovery session with me. This could be your first step towards the relationships you dream of. 

If you are not ready to book the discovery session, then sign up for my free membership where you can get free courses about communication and limiting beliefs that hinder your relationship.


Get access to relationship courses for free

Enjoy the courses available now and get bonuses just for completing the courses. 

  •   Reach Your Partner's Heart- Communicate with your partner, so he never has to feel attacked. Instead, build a deep emotional connection 
  •  Bonuses - Discover as you complete the other courses

Reach Your Partner's Heart Course 

Relationship coachng

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