Find Out Why Dating Is Essential For a Lasting Relationship and It Doesn't Have to  Suck

Relax and Enjoy the Date: A Mindset Reset to Make Looking for Love More Fun

In this special video series workshop, I've created just for women looking for love, you'll learn:

  • The secret #1 skill that some women have that helps them attract and keep a man.  And why you may struggle to connect with men. (Hint: it's not your attractiveness or how kind you are)
  • 3 not so obvious reasons why you feel confused and frustrated when it comes to dating (and I'll show you how to change this) 
  • Discover how cultural mindf**k keeps us from getting the love that we want and liberate yourself FOREVER
  • How to distinguish players from keepers

Go for it...If you want to learn how to enjoy dating, feel confident, and have your calendar filled with dates with amazing men, join me for this four day course just for $10 (I'm charging you this, so you will show up and do all the work. I really want you to experience the difference). 

Starts January 2nd

I respect your privacy—your information is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with 3rd parties.

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Hi.  I'm Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, the funder of Be Here & Now Relationship Academy.

Since 2006, As a marriage and family therapist, I helped hundreds of women find love and improve their relationships, and I've learned a lot along the way.

Today I'm going to share with you some of what I've discovered—info that will understand men and their deepest needs and desires, understand cultural psychological manipulation that prevents women from being happy in relationships, and free yourself forever to be able to enjoy dating and find the love you want.

This is the first time I'm sharing the methods I use with my clients. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how simple and effective these tools are! You will change the way you look at dating and start feeling more empowered in your love life.  

My clients cry tears of joy when they talk about how happy they are after implementing these techniques.

Dalila J.L. 

Don’t hesitate. You won't regret! This workshop will change your life. 

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