What You Don't Know About Your Ex Is Keeping You Stuck in Singledom!
Now You Can Learn How to Work Through Your Emotions and Become Ready for the New Love.

Gain wisdom from past relationships and clear your heart from hurt and resentment 

 Reflect, learn, and start meeting cool guys 

Don't Give Your Ex so Much Power Over Your Love Life...

You want a new partner, but you are freaked out when you think about dating.

Do you wish you are ready to move on and get the love he wasn’t able to give you? You told yourself that you are over him, and tried dating other people. 

The Ex Files Course

Can you relate to any of the following:

  • you try to go on dates, but you find yourself comparing new guys with your ex.
  • when you meet new men, you are on the high alert trying to see the signs that they will be like your ex.
  • you are afraid to open up your heart to new love regardless of how much you want it.
  • you ​tell your new dates about what a jerk your ex is 
  • you cringe at the idea of being with a man, but you really want a partner
  • you are worried that if you meet someone, he will ruin your life

Going on dates with this kind of mindset, will not allow you to see these guys for who they truly are. You will most likely miss some golden hearts, or you will fail to recognize some serious red flags. It's gonna be frustrating. 

How Would Your Life Be if You Were Happy in Love

You think one of you will die because such happiness is not possible

Picture having a partner that you like and he every day proves to you that he is there for you. When you are feeling down, he shows you that you are worthy of love just the way you are. You can't believe how happy you are. You wonder if one of you needs to die because true love is reserved only for epic lovers like Romeo and Juliet.

You are waiting for the ugly to come out

You may wait for the ugly side to come out because if Romeo and Juliet didn't die, they would become tired of each other too. Right? So, you are waiting for your relationship to go downhill, just so you can readily proclaim, "You see! I told you!"

But, no! Your happiness continues, and your grateful heart is full, as you fall asleep on his shoulders watching Netflix and enjoying a glass of vine. How would your life be?!

The Ex Files Course happy couple

Imagine not having to worry about your nosy aunt's annoying comments about your biological clock ticking. Or, your well-meaning friends telling you how they want the same happiness for you as theirs is.

Most importantly, imagine having a partner who has eyes only on you, a partner whose goal is just to create a beautiful life for two of you. How would that feel?

May seem to be so far from you right now. You may think this kind of happiness is only for those amazing people from romantic movies.

You too can get the love you want

Believe me. I feel ya'. It's hard to imagine such a fantastic life filled with love when your past relationship was everything but amazing. Even if you are a "healthy skeptic" or someone who doesn't dare to dream, you too can get a partner that will love you for all you are, just the way you are. 

I've been there myself, and so many of my  individual clients have too. I helped them change their outlook and achieve what their hearts desired, resolving past relationships and getting ready for love and dating. I'm here to tell you that you can create this kind of life for yourself. 

I know eventually, you may be able to work through this on your own, but it may take years or decades.  Why would you pickle in this limbo for so long when you can work through it much sooner?

Unless, of course, you want to pride yourself of being someone who's as tolerant as I am. Please don't be like me. There is no need for anyone else to suffer for that long. I know you can learn much faster with the right guidance. 

Don't stay stuck anymore

Don't allow your ex to keep your heart hostage anymore. 

Get ready for a new love

Reflect and learn about yourself and what you want from a future partner. 

Ease into dating

Know exactly how to position yourself when dating for the best experience

Being Stuck on Your Ex Can Keep You Single for Decades - You Deserve to Get The Love You Want.

You tried making it work with your ex, but things didn't work out the way you wanted. Breakups are always hard regardless of how they happen. There is something deep inside that gets triggered and wounded.

It seems that we are not designed to say goodbyes. If your breakup was even more difficult and he betrayed you, it can leave you stripped of your self-esteem.

If you are in this situation, it can be tough to imagine dating someone, what to speak about going out on dates. You may not know where to start, and just thinking about it may cause you to panic.

But on the other hand, you have a strong desire to find a partner to share life with you. You are eager to give your heart to someone.

And, you know that there are some good people out there, but because of your past experiences, every cell in your body is freaked out. This keeps you stuck in this perpetual hope that one day someone will show up, while deep down you doubt that good things can happen to you.

After working with people for almost fifteen years and going through my own struggles with relationships, I've identified this four-step process that can help you work through hidden feelings and limiting beliefs from your past relationships. 

Four Essential Steps That Will Help You Get Through the Breakup Recovery and Get Ready for New Love

  • Understand the stages of breakup recovery, so you  can figure out where you are in the process   and take appropriate further steps towards healing and getting the love that you want in the future.
  • Reflect, learn, heal, so you can gain new perspectives and understanding about your ex and yourself. You will be able to make peace with your past relationships and see your ex in the full light (both good and bad). This balanced view can help you work through your resentment and stuckness.  
  • Work through your anger and feelings of betrayal,  so you can liberate yourself of negative emotions and open your heart to meeting new people. You don't want to bring this old baggage to your new relationship. 
  •  Forgive and let go. Forgiveness, in this case, doesn't mean kumbaya sensation and calling your ex to say sweet things to him. Instead, it means that you understand him in the new ways and that you actually forgive yourself for not knowing better back then. Doing so opens new doors to you. It usually becomes much easier to start dating and enjoy it.

Working Through Your Issues With Your Ex Will Help You Move on and Be Ready for the Love You Crave

I developed a specific procedure that helped people move on and get unstuck much faster than usual.

I utilized the four-step framework with so many of my clients with great success. I helped them move from feeling stuck and angry at their ex to letting go and being ready to embrace love from a new partner.

If you are interested in getting the love you always wanted, dealing with your emotions towards your ex is essential. The four-step process that I used with my clients doesn't only help you get unstuck, but it also enables you to understand yourself and your needs better.

When you are able to gain a new perspective on your old relationship, you can be ready to make much better decisions in your love life.

"Sometimes a woman will look back on what she had, not because she wants to go there but to motivate her to do better."

Reuben " Mulah Truth " Holmes II

Seeing how powerful this process is inspired me to create a course that follows the same procedures. In this course, I provide you with the essence of the interventions I use in working with my clients when they are feeling stuck on their exes.

I put my best self in this course. I utilize my personal life experience, spiritual views, education, and advanced training about human relationships to create the content and interventions for your transformation. If you follow my instructions and complete all the work I prescribe, you can start the moving on and become ready for a new healthy relationship.

You Too Deserve Real Love and Not to Be Stuck in Past
Join Me to

The Ex-Files: 
Move on and Embrace the Future

This course is a perfect solution for women who have unresolved issues with their ex and who want to get ready for the new love.

Let's face it. Men don't like the scent of other men. Good men can sense when you have hangups with your ex. Even if they like you, they will stay away from you. They don't want drama.

Why not give yourself a better chance to make it work with cool guys you meet. In this course, I give you a process to work through the issues with your ex that will get you ready to have open heart and be smart about dating.

Don't wait! You can't be happy if you are stuck, bitter, or resentful. Don't wait for decades to start your new, happy life

  • 1
    Take it step by step: I describe four stages of breakup recovery and prescribe what you need to be focusing on during each phase. If you want to get a new love, I help you figure out how to ease into dating again.
  • 2
    Reflect and learn: Look back at your past relationship. Gain a new perspective and understanding of what your needs are how you show up in relationships. That's when you can show up authentically in your new relationships
  • 3
    Let go and move on: Work through painful feelings that he left you with. Being bitter will not help you attract the right partner. I give you practices that will help you work through your anger and get to the place of self-compassion and forgiveness. That's when you can start feeling worthy of love and attract the right partner who will help you feel that way.
	The Ex-Files: Move on and Embrace the Future

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Case Studies: How this Process Helped My Individual Clients

Donna's relationship with her ex was volatile, but she learned so much about herself

Relationship with her ex was so difficult that Donna took a few years  after the breakup to focus on herself and heal. Her life was just the way she wanted, but she missed one thing, a partner. That's when she reached out to me.


Donna knew that she needs to get out of her comfort zone and put herself out there, but she would cringe at the idea of dating and meeting someone volatile, someone who would ruin the beautiful, peaceful life she created for herself.


There were a lot of things we worked on. For instance, she had a limiting belief that she is the one who has to make everything work out. It's been Donna's mode of operation for decades.

Another important aspect of our work was looking into her past relationship and being able to see her ex with a different perspective.


While Donna was in a relationship with him, she operated in the ways that she knew, overfunctioning and not leaving the space for her ex to be there for her. Instead of understanding his needs, Donna tried to please him by doing everything in the relationship.

In our work together, I helped Donna understand her ex's need to feel wanted or needed. This helped Donna understand her procedural tendencies (being a frontier Amazonian woman who handles everything). This tendency also shows a potential belief that she is not worthy of love just the way she is.

Donna realized how her ex must've felt. She didn't need him. Donna recalls how he would offer to do something nice for her, and she would say, "It's Ok! You don't need to do it."


Although Donna's ex was volatile, and she is happy that she is not with him, this was the first time for her to realize his deeper underlying needs, needs to be needed, or desires that his affection and gestures were received by his partner.


What this realization did for Donna is that she understood her power. Never before she understood how much he wanted to please her and make her happy.


To fast forward the story, Donna is engaged now an so happy. She is aware of her tendencies to overfunction, but she learned to catch herself.  She consciously steps back and allows her fiance to show her his affection and appreciation.


One thing that was interesting is that she wanted a partner and not someone who would just take advantage of the wonderful life she’s built. She now realizes that if she wants a “partner,” she needs to keep her overfunctioning in check.


This is how powerful was reflecting on her old relationship.

He betrayed her, but her revenge was sweet

Karen came to me when she was so frustrated from the dating scene. She was dating some guys, but they would just prove her right, "All men are shady." None of them were ready for a true commitment.

Karen broke up with her fiance three years ago because he cheated on her with her best friend (talk about betrayal). It's understandable how Karen would be skeptical about men.

But, she started dating soon after her breakup. She wanted to show her fiance and herself that she is over him and that she is able to move on. She never fully trusted any man though.

Still, Karen wanted to find that love that she always craved. Interestingly, her desire to find the right one was so strong even though deep down she didn't believe that there are such good men.

We worked on some serious limiting beliefs stemming from her childhood. The fact is that Karen has some profound abandonment issues due to her father leaving after her parents' divorce.

Our work helped Karen realize that her choices of partners were based on her fear of intimacy. Karen was afraid to open her heart to love. That's why she kept choosing partners that are not committed fully to her.

Besides, Karen realized that how she shows up in relationship communicate to men that they can't be safe with her. So, in some ways, Karen attracted what she put out. She attracted the men who are afraid to open their hearts to her.

We worked on all four aspects of this course together. By analyzing her relationship with her fiance, Karen was able to understand all these things about herself. What helped you get over the belief that "all men are shady," is working through the stages of breakup recovery and easing into the dating.

Due to my instructions, Karen adopted experimentation stance while going out on dates. This helped her be more cool and detached. Instead of thinking, "Will he prove me right just like all the other ones," Karen was able to have an open mind and enjoy the dating process without any expectations. That's the point of Experimentation phase of breakup recovery.

This kind of work helped Karen meet different types of men and feel more at ease when dating, leading her to meet her current boyfriend. He is every day trying to prove to her that he is the one worthy of her heart. Karen is taking it slowly this time.

Karen's story shows how powerful it can be to take things slowly and allow yourself to feel what's right. During the experimentation phase, Karen learned how to read her own feelings, trust her guts, and understand how her communication and demeanor affects men.

Get the Immediate Access to the Course to Work on Your Ex-Files and finally Move on!

Don't stay stuck any longer 

Price goes up soon. 

Limited time only $75

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About me

"Many women feel unworthy of the love they crave. I offer online courses, coaching, and counseling to help them confidently embrace love from the right partner." 

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, and human relationships and attachment theory always intrigued me.

It strikes me how important love is to so many people, but I noticed it's also trivialized in media.

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge (1)

I also observed how women struggle in romantic relationships. In my opinion, it's because we haven't learned to understand ourselves and our feelings. 

We, women, are raised to be attuned to others and be high achievers. Somehow, we internalized that we need to strive for love. Women often have a hard time feeling worthy of love just as they are. 

This kind of upbringing causes us to be in our heads. That means, we are very analitical, but we struggle to be in our bodies or feel our emotions. 

Thus, when it comes to romantic relationships, we tend to overanalyze instead of utilizing our emotional intelligence and intuition. 

I'm in the process of creating courses for women to help them overcome these struggles in romantic relationships. 

I've created The Ex-File course to help women gain wisdom from their past relationships and let go of negative emotions trapped in their hearts. 

Just like in all my courses, I don't provide therapy or counseling. Instead, I teach relationship skills.

I want to personally invite you to be a founding member of this course. It will give you the opportunity to have much more access to my personalized support.

You will also be able to suggest valuable changes to this course, to which you will have the lifetime access.

See what my clients say about working with me. 

To protect my client's privacy, I've blurred their sensitive information. 

Testimonail screen shot

Is This Course Right For You?

This course isn't for everyone. Make sure this is something that you need.

Who is this for

  • Women who are ready to reflect on their past relationships and move on
  • Those who want true deep connection and love and are willing to be vulnerable by acknowledging their own mistakes
  • Women who are ready to work on themselves and show up authentically
  • Those that are tired of being hostage to resentment, hurt, or anger towards their ex

Who is this not for

  • Those who want simple advice instead of learning skills 
  • Women who want to get a specific guy regardless of how wrong he may be for them
  • Women who want to use mind tricks to make guys fall for them
  • Those who are not willing to be vulnerable and work on themselves


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What happens after I purchase the course?

How long do I have access to the course?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I buy this course instead of so many other courses about dating and getting love?

Will this course help me with depression and anxiety

If you have any issues from your past relationships and you are hoping that you will find love one day, I want to encourage you to join me for this course.

I would suggest that you hurry because this is the first time I'm offering it. Its price will definitely go up. I'm offering it for a ridiculously low price for this course.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can get your money back for 14 days if you don't think that this course is right for you. 

I know that this course works because I used these very same interventions with my individual clients.

Get the Immediate Access to the Course to Work on Your Ex-Files and finally Move on!

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Price goes up soon. 

Limited time only $75

Limited time Bonus: 
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Feel Worthy of Love You Crave-Guided Meditation- $15 value

First Five People Will Get a Coaching Session With Me Absolutely Free-$216 value

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't think this course can be helpful to you, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

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