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15 April 2021

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Calling all women who want soulful connection and effortless happy relationship 

You deserve to have a partner who is stoked to be with you and who shows you that consistently. 


Two AHA moments that changed EVERYTHING for me

Why he may decide not to be with you even if you are highly compatible and he is really attracted to you

Why you don't need to strive to look younger, skinnier, or prettier to attract amazing men

What do some women have that the rest of us don’t? What makes them highly successful in attracting men and creating a deep bond with them without much effort and over-thinking

The biggest secret about men that most women who struggle in relationships don’t realize

Six essential steps that takes to create a relationship that will actually make you happy

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Your Webinar Host:

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge 

Hi, I'm Dalila, I'm a relationship coach who works with strong independent women to help them find a partner and create a relationship that will actually make them happy.

Love has been my yearning in life forever. I remember as a little girl thinking, “One day, I will find the love of my life.” Besides that, I geek out on politics and hopelessly try to convince people we deserve better treatment like in other developed countries.

But, perhaps more relevant to you, I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship coach with advanced training in Sensorimotor psychotherapy focusing on attachment trauma. 

I'm dedicated to helping women create relationships that will actually make them happy and in which they can love freely without overfunctioning, confusion, and mind games.

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