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Relationship Skills - Online Courses 

Do you feel confused when it comes to love, dating, and relationships? You've been successful in school, career, and you have lovely friends. But, there is this one thing missing in your life, and that's love. Many accomplished women struggle with romantic relationships. You are not the only one. Good news is that you can develop relationship skills that will help you get what you want, true love.

Relationship skills

Relationship skills you may be missing 

Although it's often trivialized in the media, love is something we all crave and strive for. We do amazing and crazy things for love, out of love, or because of a lack of love. So, gaining relationship skills is essential for our happiness and quality of life. After working for years as a counselor with individuals, couples, and families, I realized relationship skills are something  that many people miss. 

profound relationship skills

What kind of relationship skills are needed for a happy love life? 

When I say "relationship skills," I don't talk about social skills that we all learn when we are children. These include greeting someone, saying please and thank you, or smiling at someone when we meet them. Of course, these are essential skills for living amongst modern humans. I talk about more profound emotional skills that will help you connect with others on deeper levels and create satisfying relationships with your partner, children, and friends.

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Relationship Academy

My passion is helping people become happy in love and relationships. After working with people for years as a counselor, I've come up with the ways to extract the essence of what people need for happy relationships. Thus, I'm in the process of creating the courses with my best tips for developing relationship skills and achieving emotional and mindset transformation that can help you grow to a place from where you can enjoy what you want the most, love and connection with yourself and your loved ones.

My hope is that these courses will find the way to people who need them. I am so excited about them because I know they can change your life. 

I have good people skills.
Why do I struggle in love? 

You've learned great skills during and beyond your childhood. These skills helped you succeed in school, career, and friendships. We women are raised to think of others first and make sure that they feel good, but we didn't learn how to be happy and how to value ourselves. 

What's important to note that these courses are not courses for simple social skills. They will rather help you deepen your understanding of yourself and your needs. When you get this understanding, you will be able to feel more competent and confident when it comes to dating, communication, and interaction with men. 

Do you ever wonder who are those women described in poems, novels, or symphonies? I'm here to help you feel like a muse. 

You can start by joining my free Relationship Academy Hub and get access to valuable courses and tips about love, dating, and relationships. Give it a try.  

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