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If You Are Both Invested, You Can Make It Work in Couples Counseling

Are you two frustrated and feeling stuck? Do you feel the passion is gone, and you are not sure if it will ever come? This is hard because you may still love each other, but you feel something is missing. You two are experiencing a natural sequence in romantic relationships. If you are both interested in working on your marriage, then you are good candidates for Couples Counseling that can help you move on from feeling stuck to feeling passion again.


Natural Progression of a Relationship—How You Handle It Will Make a Big Difference

At the beginning of a marriage or relationship, people often feel passionate, connected and close. It’s natural for the beginning stage of the relationship, but after some time, couples are faced with the natural progression of the relationship when one or both members become focused on their own development or passion that is outside of the relationship.
A couple may experience increased arguments that lead nowhere. Old personal issues come to the surface and become obstacles to the progress of the relationship. Thus, you and your partner may fight about the same issues over and over again. So many people do this. The couple hurt each other and old wounds and trauma come out. This can lead to a further gap and mistrust. The partners hurt each other so much that repair of their relationship may be difficult. Why go through this? Perpetuating this can lead to despair and feeling that you can’t heal your relationship.


You Can Improve Your Relationship to Be Better Than Ever Before

Instead of suffering, working with me can allow you to help each other heal and move your relationship to the next level. I can help you manage your conflicts and lead you to lifelong, positive changes for your relationship and each partner as a person. You can expect renewed passion and a deeper connection with your partner when you go through Couples Counseling.


What If One of Us is Uncertain About Staying in the Relationship?

If you are not sure where your relationship or marriage is headed, Discernment Counseling may be the best option.  Couples Counseling is good when both partners are dedicated to making it work. Discernment Counseling is better for people who may need to figure out what they want in terms of their relationship. One or both partners may be seriously thinking about separation. Discernment Counseling can help examine what went wrong and help couples decide if they want to work on their relationship or each go their own way.  It’s beneficial in either instance because it helps the partners figure out their own contribution to the dysfunction in the relationship. During a consultation, we can determine if discernment or couple’s counseling is appropriate.


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