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You Can Recover from Divorce and Build a Life Better Than Ever Before

When going through a divorce or other difficult transitions in life, being in a supportive environment with other women can be very healing. Groups can be a great place to get help. Being with women that are going through similar transitions is very powerful. It’s good to know you are not the only one who is going through similar issues.

I create and facilitate specialized groups and workshops that address specific virtues.  I specialize in issues that women face especially when they are going through divorce or trying to move on through other transitions. For instance, assertiveness, self-esteem, or authentic communication skills, can be useful for you.

These groups can be a great aide to your individual therapy. Groups are a very effective way to practice the skills you gain in individual therapy.  Getting feedback and support from your peers is immeasurable in your recovery. This is supposed to happen in a safe, therapeutic environment facilitated by a skilled therapist.

Besides regular groups and workshops, I also provide equine assisted groups and workshops. These kinds of groups also involve an ES (Equine Specialist) and equines (horses, donkeys, etc.) as team members assisting in the process. Read more about equine therapy here.

Check out these upcoming workshops. Time and exact place will be announced.

Divorce Sucks! Heal and Love Again!

Are You Feeling Stuck and Worried That You Will Never Be Able to Love Again?

This group is for you if you feel:

• You feel angry, betrayed, and frustrated
• You wonder how long will it take you to feel that you can love again
• You are not sure if you can ever trust men
• You don’t have hope that you can be in a loving relationship again
• You go out on dates grudgingly and feel that there are no good men out there
• You feel that you are not pretty, young, or attractive enough to be able to attract someone
• You feel lost and wonder what life is about and how you can be happy again

This is a very hard place to be in. You’ve spent your life with one person for many years, and now all that is take away from you. What’s ahead of you is confusing and you are losing hope.

I describe this feeling as standing in front of a ravine and the only options are to jump across or stay stuck. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a hand or branch that would help you get to the other side? Well, you do, and the process of divorce recovery isn’t necessarily so dramatic as jumping over the ravine. You can definitely get to a place of feeling confident and it can seem like a walk on a beach instead of jumping across the ravine. I can help you feel empowered. You are in a tough place, but this is not the end of your story.

You Can Rewrite the End of Your Story. This is Your Life so You Can Make a Decision to Fulfill Your Yearning

Well, I can help you get there in the company of other women going through similar issues. Join this group to help the healing, get in touch with your true desires, figure out where you want to go, deal with difficult emotions that your marriage, relationship, and divorce have brought on, and set clear intents that will lead you to a new chapter in life. Your ending to the story is still not complete. You can write your own story and it’s time to embrace that role.

Join Other Women to Gain Confidence, Feel Empowered, and Make Major Shifts in Your Life

The group will be limited to only 8 women in order to ensure the quality of the experience. We will utilize mindfulness paired up with emotional and somatic processing to allow you to learn how to be centered, intuitive, and recognize your emotions. When you are aware of how you feel, you can be confident and more certain of your choices in life. We will also be utilizing storytelling, meditation, writing, and group processing to consolidate your experience.

So, do you want to wait and wonder again or join for the potential of being happy, confident, and hopeful? Join the group today and see following benefits:

• Self-acceptance
• Make healthy and informed choices
• Increase self-love and compassion
• Be able to set limits with children, men, or anyone in the way that they will appreciate you rather than disregard you
• Understand what truly makes you happy and become confident that you can achieve it
• Gain confidence and be certain that you know what works and what doesn’t work for you
• Be able to trust men again
• Realize that you, just the way you are perfectly imperfect for someone who will be stoked to find you
• Find joy even when you are sad
• Learn to utilize your anger in a centered genuine way to help your relationships grow closer rather than estranged
• Be ready for a new relationship on your terms
• Live your life without limitations
Imagine! How would it be if you could feel more confident, self-satisfied, and certain of your desires and intents? How would it be to go on a date and feel that you are the one in the position to choose a future partner? How would it be if you could trust yourself more to make the right choice of who is good for you? I’m telling you, this is possible.

Trust me, this is definitely something you CAN do. You know why? Because, it’s all already built in you, but we are raised not to trust it. Join our group and REAWAKEN YOUR ORIGINAL, AWESOME SELF! Invest in yourself for 8 weeks and feel major shifts in your life.
For more information and to see if this is the right group for you, call Dalila at 310-889-4958

How to Know What’s Right for You—Living a Happy Life Based on Your Values: Equine Assisted, Three Week Workshop for Women


If you are divorced or going through another difficult transition, you may wonder what’s next for you. You may feel sad, inadequate, or you may be struggling to figure out in which direction you want to go.

Besides this, you’ve been bombarded by the media and society about what a woman should look like, how to behave, or even think.  You may get mixed messages from various sources and often feel you don’t measure up to any of them. You may feel angry at all of these different sources of expectations, while you may at the same time feel guilty for not meeting those expectations. Even though others see you as accomplished, successful, and beautiful, you still feel like you are not measuring up.

In spite of all that you’ve done, you still may feel it’s not enough. You’ve done everything that you were expected to do. You gave your best, and still you are in this place in which you never expected to be. You may feel that whatever you do, it’s never enough. You’ve always been living life according to what was expected from you. What if all of that wasn’t what you wanted? What if you were able to be yourself, do exactly what you want, and live a life according to your standards? How would this feel? Would you even know how this may look like?

Do you perhaps have an idea of how you would like your life to be, but you don’t dare to aspire “so high.” Well, the way I see it is you are supposed to strive for exactly that. Yes, that “high”, whatever that means to you. It could be this epic, fulfilling love or an amazing career that you would enjoy.

The problem is that maybe you  didn’t live according to these values and aspirations. You may have settled for the security of an ordinary job or marriage that looked good on the outside. You worked so hard to manage it and maintain it, but it didn’t work out. So, now you are at a place where you can make different choices.

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to be in touch with yourself and be able to know what kind of life you want to live? How would your life be? Can you imagine waking up enthusiastic and ready to get going? It’s not always easy to get what you want, but when you know what you want and you are determined, “the struggle” will be something that you enjoy doing. You wake up and are eager to get going with your day.

Through various activities such as reflections, group discussions, guided meditation, interactions with four-legged friends, affirmations, intent setting, etc. you will get a chance to:

  • Reflect and identify your values
  • Reflect on your values and how your current life and future plans are aligned with your values
  • Create an intent that will help you live a happy life
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries
  • Learn to make decisions that work for you
  • Learn to be OK when you can’t make a decision and be able to just hang in there
  • Learn how to work on self-compassion
  • Find your voice and hope for the future
  • Feel empowered to take steps towards living according to your values

Inside and Out—Learning to Love the Image in the Mirror

We women were always expected to meet unrealistic beauty standards. There are so many messages from society, our own family, and the media that can lead to a struggle with our self-esteem and body image. This extends to the way we look, behave, talk, eat, etc. After divorce, you may feel even more vulnerable.

Does flipping magazine pages or turning on the TV make you feel that you can’t keep up with the beauty standards? Do you get messages that you need to be gentler, less argumentative, or perhaps more driven? Do you sometimes feel that no matter how you look or what you do, you are never good enough? Well, you are not the only woman who feels this way. Most of us have felt like this at some point of our lives.

You deserve self-care.

Discover your true beauty and learn to love the image in the mirror, inside and out.

  • Learn the lies they’ve told us
  • Become resistant to the deceit
  • Learn that you are enough


Our retreat will include guided meditation, story reading, art projects, exercises, group dissuasion, videos, self-reflections, affirmations, intent setting, and more. Plus, you will be able to release the lie that you aren’t enough.

( This workshop is created by Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S)


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