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Individual Therapy

helping women move on after break ups and divorce. Divorce can be a gift of self-discovery that can help you grow from despair and grief to living a full life better that you ever dreamed of. Read more about individual counseling.


Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is structured five-session counseling for couples that are uncertain if their marriage can be saved. This is one of the best options for a mix-agenda-couples. When one of the partners is not invested into work on marriage, Discernment Counseling is the most helpful option for both partners. I can help you figure out what led to the difficulties in the marriage how to proceed further. Read more about Discernment Counseling

Equine Assisted Therapy

is a very effective modality because it involves experiential component. Horses are highly sensitive and capable of knowing our emotions before we are aware of them. While performing different tasks in the arena, you can progress very quickly in reaching your goals in therapy. Read more about Equine Assisted Therapy. 

Groups and Workshops for Women

help work through different and more specific issues along with your peers who are going through similar situations. You will gain valuable skills necessary for the upcoming chapter in your life. Groups may be a good supplement to individual therapy or they may be enough on their own. Read more about my groups and workshops here. 

Couples Counseling

is the best suited for couples where both partners are invested in the process of working on their relationship. If their agenda is not the same Discernment Counseling is more appropriate. If you are uncertain, feel free to give me a call and discuss what would be the most appropriate. Read more about Couples Counseling with me here. 

Corporate Team Building

Equine Assisted Learning methods are highly effective in learning how to reach goals together, receive feedback, collaborate, etc. Even most resistant team members are often able to receive feedback from horses even if they are not from their team members. Read more about Equine Corporate Team Building 

Telemedicine–Online Counseling

Is a convenient way to connect if you have proper equipment.


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