Divorce Professionals with Emotionally Distressed or Uncertain Clients

Divorce Professionals

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Divorce Professionals–Let’s Connect

It would be great to network and get to know each other as we serve the same clients. We all find ourselves scratching our heads and scrambling to find the right referral for our clients. If you are a family attorney, mediator, divorce coach, financial adviser, or a fellow therapist I would like to know about your specialties and how you serve your clients.

I know that there are so many therapists that you can refer your clients to, but I may be just a perfect fit for some of your clients. I strive to serve people that I do the best work with, while I like to refer people out if I feel someone else would be a better fit based on their specialty, cultural compatibility, geographic location, or other criteria. Here is a description of my services that can potentially aid your work with clients.

Discernment Counseling

Have you ever been in a situation that your client requested some services from you, but then they would change their mind deciding that they are not sure if they want to divorce? This must be very hard. As you want to provide services with ethical consideration, you are not their cheerleader do get divorced. You are there to help them when they need you. But, they go back and forth with indecision and they suffer so much in limbo. Discernment counseling is one of the best options for them. As Couples counseling is meant for a pair where both partners are committed to work on their relationship, Discernment Counseling is the best suited for mix agenda couples, couples where one or both partners are uncertain about their desire. Divorce professionals read more about Discernment Counseling here.

Individual Therapy for Women in Transition Due to Divorce

I achieve the best results when I work with women who are devastated by divorce, but who are ready to move on, take ownership of their life, and rebuild their lives in the authentic way. I help women get to know themselves and their deep desires, which leads to increased enthusiasm and motivation to create a life that she wants for herself. If you are interested in more details about my work with women, read about Individual Therapy here.

Groups and Workshops for Women

Besides individual therapy, I provide Equine Assisted Groups for women who are looking for new meaning as they transition in life. Living according to own values leads to feeling empowered and motivated to make the changes in life that can lead to fulfilling life.

Groups are excellent ways to help your clients learn specific skills that may be hard in individual therapy. I specialize in creating groups with specific themes that address specific skills, such as setting clear boundaries, being assertive, living according to own values, etc. If you are a divorce professional looking for group therapy for your clients, read about groups and workshops here.

Equine Assisted Therapy

I’m an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certified therapist. Equine Therapy is one of the most powerful ways of learning as it involves our senses, emotions, intellect while completing different tasks with horses in the arena. Horses are very intuitive and they provide us with feedback unlike anyone else. They are nonjudgmental, and they don’t shame us, while at the same time they are very open and give us feedback right away. How do they do this? Read more here.


If you would like to collaborate with me, feel feel to contact me. I would love to hear about your services and discuss how we can enhance our work together.

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Don’t forget to stay in touch to get the latest news about latest professional events, workshops, training or services organized by Be Here & Now Counseling

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