Dating After Divorce Can Be a Challenge for women

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Are Men Intimidated by Smart Women? What Can You Do?

What Is Confidence with Monica FrederickWhat Is Confidence With Monica Frederick  They say confidence is the most important when it comes to dating and everything[…]Read More  Walking on Eggshells in Relationships VideoWalking on EggshellsHow does it affect your relationships? Walking on eggshells in relationships isn’t rare. Some people struggle with unstable people,[…]Read More  Incredible Power of […]

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Why Do Smart Women Struggle In Love? Are Men Intimidated?

Are you a smart woman struggling in romantic relationships? Do you feel it’s hard to find the right partner? Or, when you find someone, you feel that you don’t connect with him? Did you ever get a sense that men are intimidated by smart women? Or, maybe you found a man that’s equally intellectual as you are, […]

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