Dating After Divorce. Red Flags to Watch for When You Meet Men

Want to Find Love After Divorce? Avoid These 3 Types of Men

Are you ready to go back to dating? You may have heard horror stories on social media. You also hear some gloomy stats about your age and finding love after divorce. Well, none those take into the account your intelligence and intent, what you want in your life. You may feel new to all this, but knowing how to recognize red flags can be helpful before you go out there to wet your feet. Read more

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I'm dedicated to guiding women from feeling confused and frustrated to feeling competent and joyful when it comes to matters of love and romance.

  • […] These are the signs of an insecure man, and he will not be satisfied no matter how much you give in to his demands. You may think that it’s important to compromise and adjust your life by reducing your interaction with friends and family. Once you are estranged from your family and friends, you will be under his thumb. Even worse, you may not be able to turn to your friends and family for support when you feel that he is abusive. He may then resent you for being “weak.” Naturally deep down he feels poorly about himself and he needs to reflect it on someone. You will be his perfect target once he lures you into his web. Read about 3 types of men you should avoid when dating.  […]

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