Anxiety Affects Our Relationships and Communication

Anxiety Affects Our Relationships 


Anxiety affects our relationships, Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Do you struggle with worry, irritability, difficulty staying calm, or sleep problems? Anxiety affects many aspects of your life.  What about your relationships? How do you think your anxiety affects your relationships and communication style?

When we talk about anxiety, we often think of symptoms such as shallow breathing, worry, difficulty sleeping, etc. We often forget, how anxiety affects our communication and relationships. Anxiety often causes us to respond in various ways, which may be misinterpreted by other people.

Often upbringing contributes to both how we feel and how we relate to our partner and other loved ones.

How does anxiety affect our relationships?

Our upbringing often sets us up for life long anxiety and communication style that may lead to struggle in relationships in spite of the best intents of parties involved. Read more about how anxiety may affect your relationships and communication in my guest post hosted Elizabeth Cush, MA, LCPS

If you think anxiety affect your relationships negatively, I can help. I specialize helping women heal from the past hurts that may cause struggles in personal life and relationships.

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