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Empowering shift in your thinking , Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Empowering Shift in Your Thinking Will Help You Change Your Life

Empowering shift in your thinking can liberate you Your childhood experiences with your parents caused you suffering Do you feel a grudge towards your parents because of how they raised you? Maybe they expected too much from you, which caused you never to feel you are good enough. Perhaps they were just self-absorbed and never really […]

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overcoming anxiety Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Be Here and Now Counseling

Lifestyle Changes that Will Help You in Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety is easier with these lifestyle changes​Talking about overcoming anxiety can be triggering to some people.  It’s likely that if you have anxiety, you may be struggling with feeling that you don’t have control over your symptoms and how you feel.Disempowering thoughts may plaque you, and you feel overtaken by them. Your mind goes to […]

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The power of gratitude

The Power of Gratitude in Treating Anxiety 

How cultivating Gratitude Can help you with anxiety​ Is anxiety bringing you down and you feel you are unable to control your thoughts? Do you tend to focus on the worst possible scenarios and what may happen in your life? Dealing with this is not easy.  You can’t enjoy your life to the fullest when you […]

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Early Childhood Trauma Can Cause Adult Anxiety, Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, LMFT

Early Childhood Trauma and Family Upbringing Can Cause Adult Anxiety 

Do you feel as it’s your fault that you are feeling anxious? Do you ever find yourself dealing with anxiety, worries, stress, feeling of emptiness, or even having panic attacks? And, now on top of all of that, you may be feeling guilty for not feeling well? You may even feel like an imposter because […]

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Early trauma can cause adult anxiety, Dalila Jusic-LaBrerge, Online Therapy in California

Early Trauma Doesn’t Have to Be Horrific to Make an Impact on Your Adult Life

Do you have anxiety or depression symptoms, but have no idea why? Your life could seem really good from the outside and feel there is nothing to complain about, and yet you feel sad, lonely, overwhelmed, or frustrated. You feel there is no explanation for this and thus you may feel even more stressed out. […]

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