Make this empowering shift in your thinking to become liberated 

Empowering shift in

your thinking 

can liberate you

Your childhood experiences with your parents caused you suffering

Do you feel a grudge towards your parents because of how they raised you? Maybe they expected too much from you, which caused you never to feel you are good enough. Perhaps they were just self-absorbed and never really knew you for who you are. Some parents even physically abused their children in the name of discipline. And, some of you may think how fortunate you would be if your parent were there at all.

Even if you had the best parents in the world, they are human, and they've made some mistakes that cause you to struggle in some ways. You may suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, or you may not be able to achieve your full potential because of what you went through. In any case, childhood abuse and neglect have lasting consequences on our both mental and physical health.

Maybe they did the best they could with their limitations

Sometimes your parents may simply be too scared or limited by their own beliefs. Because of their limitations, they may not be able to encourage you to develop and grow to the full potential. Just remember the narrative about love in your family. What were the messages about men in your household?

Many of us remember statements such as, "Men are after one thing only," "All men are the same," "If you have sex with men, they will just leave you," and so on. You get the point. Your mom projected her insecurities and sense of being unworthy of love and appreciation onto you. These misconceptions about men may keep you single or unhappy in love.

What are the negative consequences of trauma, neglect, and abuse in your life?

Unfortunately, all of these relationship issues with your parents leave a significant impact on you, and it's natural that you may resent them. And, you have all the reasons for resenting them. Whatever holes are left in your heart from the childhood, You probably suffer in some ways. You may be trying to compensate by working too hard, by drinking, or shopping

Romantic relationships may be especially challenging. You may find yourself attracted to people that are not the best for you. They may be emotionally unavailable, they may trigger you to do things that are not good for you, or they simply may not be able to love you in the way you need to be loved.

And, when you stumble upon someone who may love you, you get turned off by them. You probably find some reason why this person wouldn't be the right partner. Something repels you about that guy, and you know it doesn't make sense. You may just dislike his dorky man bag or another superficial thing. But, deep down you may see that you are not ready for deep love, and you keep getting attracted to emotionally unavailable men. You may be stuck in these patterns for decades.

Empowering shift in your thinking can liberate you

This empowering shift in your thinking will help you unstuck and be able to take next steps towards healing

Empowering shift in your thinking can liberate you

So, how can you liberate yourself from the shackles of the past? Obviously how your parents treated you left some mark, and you struggle in life because of that. Your wounds will not just dissipate with time. You need to make some deliberate changes.

You can start by changing your focus and how you think about events in your life. How can you make a major empowering shift in your thinking that will help you move on and get unstuck?

One thing that I recommend, and that will change the way you focus is to take ownership of your life. You were a victim of people who did some bad things in your life, but you don't have to continue being a victim.  You can acknowledge how they harmed you in the past, but you can focus on the fact that they can't do it anymore if you don't let them. Your life belongs to you.

You can tell yourself these empowering statements, "They harmed me, and it sucks. They shouldn't have done it. They were stupid to treat me like this, but from now on, this is my life. I do what I like in my life, and I take the consequences.  I will make good and bad choices, and I know potential consequences of these choices. My life, my decisions, my consequences."

Making this shift is so liberating. Making this empowering shift in your thinking means you are growing up emotionally and don't need to be a victim anymore.  You take charge of your life, and you take responsibility for your actions. Making this empowering shift in your thinking prevents you from making excuses for not doing things that would really bring you joy in life

How would your life change if you felt empowered to make this shift in your thinking?

Changing your mindset will be scary at the beginning. You've spent decades focusing in a certain way, and although it was painful, it was also comfortable and making you feel safe. Saying, "From now on, I take responsibility for my actions" is empowering, and yet it can be challenging and scary.

You don't have to do this alone. Help is available, and with the right guidance, you can start living your life free and happy. Once you taste the freedom, it will become easier to feel empowered to continue your journey towards your happiness. Can you imagine a life when you are thrilled to get up and start your day?

Imagine how life could be different. What are you yearning for?  Is it a loving, romantic relationship, happy life in your family, or succeeding in career the way you always wanted, and you know you are capable of?

Empowering shift in your thinking can liberate you

Start your journey towards joyful life

Sometimes what we want the most, seems the most difficult. I want to tell you that although it may be challenging, it's entirely possible. You may need some healing before you embark on your journey towards your goals. Once you work on it, you will realize that you can accomplish what you yearn for. When you make baby steps, you will feel more confident to make larger ones.

When you feel more empowered, you will make other empowering shifts in your thinking that will lead you closer to your joyful living. You are not alone in this. I've been in the same place as you, but I'm here now to tell you that you can live a liberated and joyful life.  I provide different services depending on your particular needs.

I'm here for you if you need help. Schedule a free 15-20 minute conversation with me, so we can see what's the best course of action for you to start your journey of healing and empowerment.

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