Does time heal everything? What Is the Hidden Price of Trauma?

Hidden Cost Of Trauma

Can Time Heal as they say? 

hidden price of trauma I’m sure you’ve heard of the good old saying “Time heals everything.” In my view, this is sort of true and sort of not. Let’s see what I mean when I say that time doesn’t heal everything. What’s the hidden price of trauma or adversity that we experience?

What’s the hidden price of trauma? Why do I think that time doesn’t heal everything

When we experience trauma, we have to adapt to it in order to carry on with our daily lives. This adaptation has its price. Trauma causes you to be more fearful. This fear keeps us from experiencing life to the fullest. It doesn’t allow us to achieve the most we can because we avoid putting ourselves out there.

For instance, if you had a difficult childhood, you may struggle in romantic relationships, career, etc. Besides psychological consequences, trauma affects our physical health too. The adaptation to trauma causes changes in our body functioning, which may lead to diseases.  So, although we may seem to be doing OK, we don’t necessarily know what we are missing. In other words, we don’t know how well we would be doing if there wasn’t adverse experience in our lives.

What’s the silver lining? How does time heal?

We are resilient beings. You hear stories of many people who go through adversity and claim that the adversity Hidden cost of traumainspired them to pursue some goals and succeed in a career, help others, invent things, etc. People claim that the struggles they went through made them into who they are. But, how do we heal? Does time just heal everything? Although there is a hidden cost of trauma, we can take an active role in getting better. Healing happens in time if you seek support, engage in self-care, participate in therapy, support groups, and so on. So, time doesn’t necessarily heal, but you heal through time by actively taking care of yourself.

Therapy can be one way to deal with your trauma. It can help you open up to more experiences, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. We all have some areas of life with which we are not happy. What is it for you? Is it relationships, career, or love life?  I provide different services that are tailored to your individual needs. Most of these services can address your trauma or anxiety that prevent you from enjoying life.

How do you take care of yourself? What do you like to do that helps you manage difficult feelings? Leave a comment and let us know what are the things that work for you.


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