Power of Communication from the Heart-Turn Your Relationship Around

Power of communication

Transform Your Relationship

Communication from the heartIf you struggle with anxiety, you will most likely have difficulties expressing your needs to your partner. Communication from the heart is essential if you want to develop a deep bond with your partner. The trouble is that anxiety prevents you from communicating from the heart.

We women are raised to feel that we need to temper our own emotions in order to keep others happy. This leads us to struggle to know and understand ourselves.  Living like this for a prolonged time leads to anxiety, depression, and feelings of emptiness. Thus we look for a romantic partner to fill this void. This expectation leads to frustration and discord as our communication from this anxious place only confuses our partner or causes them to feel attacked.

Power of communication from the heart

You can switch this around by utilizing communication from the heart. In order to be able to utilize this kind of communication, it’s helpful to be in touch with your emotions. Anxiety may prevent you from being able to notice your emotions. Anxiety therapy can help you heal and gain confidence and empowerment.

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