Online Anxiety Therapy in California by Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Online Anxiety Therapy in California

Do you struggle with anxiety? Online anxiety therapy can be a good choice if you are overwhelmed and busy

Online Anxiety Therapy Helps you Enjoy Your Life

Do you ever feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or worried for no apparent reason? Or, perhaps you have reason to be anxious, but feel you can't manage your feelings. Perhaps, online anxiety therapy can help.

You carry on with daily life but worry that you won’t be able to go on like this for much longer. Do your daily activities feel overwhelming? Are you worried about how this will affect your career and relationships with your loved ones? You don't have to struggle like this anymore.

Also, you may feel guilty for feeling anxious

On top of all that you are going through, you beat yourself up for feeling anxious and stressed out? You feel guilty for not being able to manage everything the way you think you should.

Well, you are not the only one. Anxiety will do this to you. You may wind up feeling like an imposter for having these feeling because you may have a life that others envy. These feelings of guilt often perpetuate and make your struggle even worse. Feeling as if you are not good enough or feelings of worthlessness and guilt just wind up taking over. You may feel paralyzed to make the changes you think would be helpful.

The fact is that anxiety is the most prevalent of all mental health disorders. But, knowing you are not the only one struggling with it doesn't make it any less painful. You also may experience struggles in different areas of your life due to your anxiety.

Online Anxiety Therapy California

What are typical anxiety symptoms?

Subjective but real feelings:

Feeling on edge, irritable, worried, overwhelmed, tired,
Have trouble sleeping,
Struggle with concentration and focus,
Outbursts of explosive anger

Struggle at work and in your relationships

You may be unable to manage all your tasks due to feeling overwhelmed or stuck.  

 You may be edgy and react angrily with your loved ones because anxiety affects how we communicate

Physical symptoms:

Frequent need to use the bathroom, Trembling or shaking,
Butterflies in your abdomen,
Increased heart rate,
Shallow breathing, etc.

Anxiety can occur with or without panic attacks. Symptoms of panic attacks are:

Onliine Anxiety Therapy, Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Shortness of breath, overwhelming fear of heart attack or death, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, tingling in the body, numbness, feeling hot or cold, feeling tightness in the chest or throat, goosebumps, etc.

Often, anxiety symptoms occur together with some depressive symptoms.

Online Anxiety Theapy Dalila Jusic-Laberge

These include sadness, isolation, emptiness, suicidal thoughts, lack of pleasure in activities, excessive feelings of guilt. The combination of these feelings and anxiety symptoms can be very devastating.

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How can online anxiety therapy help?

You can feel better and manage your feelings better, soon after the start of the treatment

At the beginning of the treatment, we focus on helping you feel better. I can provide you with valuable tools that will help you manage on a daily basis and feel more in control. We will explore different resources that will be a good fit for you and your lifestyle. These resources will enable you to feel empowered and be able to manage painful feelings.

You can work towards healing the underlying issues that cause and perpetuate your anxiety

Once we help you stabilize and feel you are in the better place, we can continue helping you heal the hurts and unresolved issues that may be the underlying causes of your anxiety. Trauma and family upbringing can cause adult anxiety, even if you are not aware of them. And somatic therapeutic work can help deal with this trauma even if you are not aware of it.

I don't think I have trauma. My childhood was good. Why do I struggle with anxiety?

There are many reasons why you may be struggling with anxiety. In efforts to help us achieve the best life we can, our parents raise us to always strive for more, which sets us up for feeling as if we don't measure up. Our cultural upbringing is geared towards making us feel that we women need to sacrifice our needs and wellbeing to make others happy. All of this can be contributing causes of anxiety. Our lifestyle and high demands at work and in our family, perpetuate this. In addition to these family and cultural influences, we may have experienced trauma, even if we didn't suffer horrific abuse.

How does online anxiety therapy work? Why would I choose online therapy over conventional therapy?

Online therapy is equally effective as conventional therapy.  We use the same techniques as traditional therapy, but it can be so much more convenient for you.

Talk with your therapist from a convenient and safe place in your own home where you feel the most comfortable.

Avoid traffic and commuting.

Have more time for yourself and your family.

There are several other advantages of online therapy. If you are dealing with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, online therapy or counseling can be an excellent choice for you.

Online Anxiety Therapy

I utilize Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, which is a body-mind oriented treatment. This work will help you learn how to manage painful feelings by utilizing your body and mind. Talk therapy enables you to get in touch with your mind, memories, and thoughts. In addition to talk therapy, you and I will utilize your body to access past hurts and trauma that you may not even be aware of. We will use practices that will help your body process these past hurts and trauma that may still remain and affect your adult life, even if you are not aware of them.

Many modern, accomplished women are able to detach themselves from these old hurts and function quite well for decades. However, this may lead to anxiety at some point in your life. This process helps you get in touch with your body and emotions and process these feelings that affect your life today.

Short-term benefits of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Gain skills to handle your emotions

Feel less stressed out and anxious

Feel empowered and able to manage the difficulties that life brings

Get back on track at work, school, or in your relationships

Feel calmer

Develop better intuition into your personal needs.

You can address old trauma that triggers you to feel anxious, angry and frustrated

Reduce events of being triggered by different people, situations, etc

Improve relationship issues with your parents, romantic partner, children, etc

You can be in touch with your body sensations and emotions

Long-term benefits of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?

Imagine how your life could be if anxiety weren't so paralyzing.

How would your life change if you could manage your feelings with confidence and be more open to doing what you’ve always wanted?

What if you could feel confident at work and in your relationships? How much more joy could you experience if anxiety didn't take over your interactions and you could just be yourself?

How about feeling good about yourself, knowing that you are enough and worthy.

Would you pursue what you know you are capable of if anxiety wasn't so paralyzing?

If you are still reading this page, it's quite likely that what I wrote resonates with you. I hope you take a step towards transforming your life so you can be calm and enjoy your life. Don't let anxiety take over your life. If you don't address this, it can get even harder as time goes by.

Schedule a 15-minute conversation so we can discuss what you can do to start feeling calmer today.