Relationship advice to make your partner feel special

A Relationship Advice and How to Know if Your Partner Is Serious About the Future Together 

A relationship advice I give in this video is meant to help your partner feel special. With small gestures of affection, you can accomplish a lot. Watch the video to also learn how you will know that your partner is serious about your relationship. Read more in the article in She Knows

Do you want more relationship advice?  In order to maintain a happy relationship, it’s important to nurture emotional connection.  Read more in my article Three Ways to Nurture Emotional Connection.

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  • […] Behavioral science shows that if you reward some behaviors, they will increase. Reward, in this case, would be expressing gratitude. Simple praise for something that your husband of wife does on regular basis, shows that you are not taking him or her for granted. Statements such as, “I really appreciate how you love our kids,” or “It amazes me how you handled those issues at work.” will go a long way. We all need to feel needed. When we don’t we seek it somewhere else. You can learn more about how to make your partner feel special in this video. […]

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