All you need is love-simple but not easily obtainable in our life
All you need is love

All you need is love

What does this mean in our lives? Is concept of love reserved only for free-spirited bohemians with extra money and time on their hands? Are we destined to suffer for life searching for these answers?

When we suffer from anxiety, depression, and trauma, it’s natural that love is difficult and complicated. It’s hard to experience love, life, and joy when you are always worried, sad, or frustrated. Emotional ups and downs in complicated relationships drain us of our emotional resources. These kinds of experiences make us into cynics. Then we find the ways to over function in other areas of life. Any over-achievers or workaholics around?

But, it is really true, “All you need is love.” This is actually one thing that you are in control of. You can be the one who can decide to give love. Start with yourself. What do you need to get to a place of being able to provide yourself some love? Is it working on your guilt, shame, self-acceptance, or letting go?

When it boils down, it is really true what John Lennon said, All you need is love.” The truth is that when you do things from love, it leads to beautiful results. When you do things from fear, this leads to more fear, confusion, and frustration.

Most importantly, when you start from self-love, all other relationships become easier. When you love yourself, you are only then able to give true love to others. Also, when you love yourself, you are only then clear who can give you true love.

How can give yourself some love today? What are some of the things that you do to make sure your love batteries are fully charged?

If you feel you need to work on your anxiety or trauma, I’m here to help. See what therapy service would be appropriate for you.

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