Walking on Eggshells in Relationships Causes Others to Feel Unsafe Video

Walking on Eggshells

How does it affect your relationships? 

Walking on eggshells in relationships isn’t rare. Some people struggle with unstable people, who may need professional help. Others may develop this tendency due to their personal underlying anxiety.


Why do we wind up walking on eggshells in relationships that we care about?

In this video, I explain how anxiety causes us to be afraid of being authentic. Because of this, you may wind up walking on eggshells in relationships that matter to you. Unfortunately, the consequences of tiptoeing or walking on eggshells aren't improved relationships.

Instead of tiptoeing around someone, what can you do?

You will not be able to change this tendency overnight. Trying to change it suddenly will be difficult and it can create problems in your relationships.

I suggest next time you feel triggered to walk on eggshells around someone, pause and see what this interaction brings up for you. Do you feel angry, frustrated, guilty, or...? Note the emotions that come up for you. You can use this to journal and figure out where your emotions come from. Doing so will allow you to be aware of the reasons why you wind up walking on eggshells around this person.

What matters is that you don't have to respond to the triggers right away. Instead of responding immediately, you can take your time and complete this process of figuring out what is underneath your tendency to walk on eggshells in relationships with some people.

Usually, anxiety causes us to struggle with this tendency to tiptoe when we communicate with people that we love. Treating anxiety can be helpful in improving your relationships with romantic partners, children, coworkers, and so on.

My approach to treating anxiety can help you become more aware of your emotions, develop emotional intelligence, assertive communication skills, enjoy deeper more satisfying relationships with your loved ones, and feel empowered to change your life. Walking on eggshells in relationships is just one of tiering consequences of anxiety symptoms.

Walking on eggshells, Dalila Jusic-LaBerge
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