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walking on eggshells in relationships Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Be Here and Now Counseling

Walking on Eggshells in Relationships Video

Walking on EggshellsHow does it affect your relationships?  Walking on eggshells in relationships isn’t rare. Some people struggle with unstable people, who may need professional help. Others may develop this tendency due to their personal underlying anxiety.   Why do we wind up walking on eggshells in relationships that we care about?In this video, I explain how […]

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The power of gratitude

The Power of Gratitude in Treating Anxiety 

How cultivating Gratitude Can help you with anxiety​ Is anxiety bringing you down and you feel you are unable to control your thoughts? Do you tend to focus on the worst possible scenarios and what may happen in your life? Dealing with this is not easy.  You can’t enjoy your life to the fullest when you […]

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Putting Yourself First will make the world a better place

Putting Yourself First Will Teach Them Respect and Make This World a Better Place 

Put yourself first and make the world a better place As a soft-hearted compassionate woman, you already contribute a big deal to this world. You give your family and this world love, understanding, and safety of knowing that you are always there for them. Putting yourself first probably feels very unnatural. As a woman, you are raised […]

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elements of happy romantic relationships Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Elements of Happy Romantic Relationships-What Can Hare Krishna Philosophy Teach Us   

What Can Krishna Teach us About  love Relationships are confusing. Romantic relationships are even more so. We can discuss them in various ways. I feel when we learn one thing from different aspects we get to understand it deeper and deeper. Hare Krishna philosophy teaches us how to develop a loving relationship with Krishna. Krishna is one […]

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misconceptions about love-Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, Online Therapy in California

Demoralizing Myths and Misconceptions About Love That May Keep You Single

Love is the beginning and the end of our quest in life.  Some people do great things out of love, and some people struggle in fear of it.  Romantic love brings up these fears in the bravest of us. Anxiety can perpetuate those fears and many misconceptions about love.  These misconceptions can cause us to […]

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Anxiety treatment Dalila Jusic-Laberge

Do You Let Anxiety and High Expectations Sabotage Your Parental Joy?

Do you feel guilty for not spending enough time with your children?  Like the most of today’s mothers, you probably juggle various duties and try to meet impossible tasks. Although you are working so hard and accomplish a lot, you most likely feel like you don’t measure up to the standards in any of your […]

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Early trauma can cause adult anxiety, Dalila Jusic-LaBrerge, Online Therapy in California

Early Trauma Doesn’t Have to Be Horrific to Make an Impact on Your Adult Life

Do you have anxiety or depression symptoms, but have no idea why? Your life could seem really good from the outside and feel there is nothing to complain about, and yet you feel sad, lonely, overwhelmed, or frustrated. You feel there is no explanation for this and thus you may feel even more stressed out. […]

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