Dating Tips and Dating Advice for Building Confidence in Women

Dating Tips for High Achieving Women Who Want to Feel Confident

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One of the biggest mistakes dating single women make is that they have the wrong concept of what dating is. Many women conflate it with relationships. Moreover, they position themselves as someone who needs to convince their date to take the relationship to the next level instead of getting to know people. Of course, this happens as soon as they meet a person who’s somewhat acceptable. Then when things don’t turn out the way they hope, these women become so disappointed and even heartbroken.  If you are one of these women, don't worry. I'll give you some dating tips, so you can feel more confident.

Why do single women miss major red flags when dating?

The problems stem from our cultural upbringing. For centuries, we women learned that it’s important to be dedicated, faithful, and invested in everything we do. This leads us to internalize that we need to prove ourselves worthy of this person or a relationship with them. If you are a high achieving woman, you may take it even more personally when things don’t work out.

You try your best, and the relationship doesn’t go the way you hope. It totally makes sense that you feel that something is wrong with you. Perhaps you are not interesting, beautiful, tall, short, or any other attribute enough. Then, when you think of dating again, you naturally cringe at the idea. Many of you would rather take a licensing exam in the most difficult profession than go on a date.  So before I give you any dating tips, you need to remember this upbringing and cut yourself some slack. Stay aware of how this upbringing affects you.

Our upbringing leaves us with a difficult legacy

Naturally, positioning yourself like this, will cause you to not be aware of your own needs and observing red flags will not be your priority. How can you know what doesn't work for you when you are focused on proving yourself worthy? No amount of dating advice will be adequate to help you find love that will wind up in a healthy relationship. In addition you will not be able to enjoy dating.

Let me ask you. Do you know any woman who dates like this, and who enjoys dating? I don’t think I’ve met any. This kind of approach will lead you to lowering your self-confidence and potentially losing hope in finding love. You see, when you invest your heart before you get to know this person well, and things don’t work out, you stay more frustrated and confused. All this prevents you from meeting other people that may be right for you. It just makes sense that you hate dating. 

So, how do you get from feeling frustrated, confused and so uncomfortable about dating, to someone who enjoys it and has multiple suitors who want to pursue the relationship further? Well, you have to have a good mindset that will help you feel more confident and then you need to know how to date.

Mindset for confidence and joyful dating and relationships

No more exams. No more "I have to prove myself..." Rather, you are going out and meeting people. In other words, you are going on a date to meet people, have good times out, and not to prove yourself. Why would you prove yourself when you don't even know these people? You are going out to get to know them and then figure out if they can be right for you.

Remember! You have something precious to give to a lucky guy. Your heart and time will make someone happy. All you need to do is to figure out who's the lucky guy, who can appreciate, cherish, and relish your heart and time.

Going on a date with a sense of wonder and curiosity for other people without the attachment for the results will help you stay present and enjoy more. Yes, you want to find love, but not necessarily on that particular date. You are just meeting him and getting to know him. These are just a couple of simple dating tips that should help you significantly.

You may need to do some healing, but it's important to know that you don't need to heal completely to start dating. How would you know if you need to heal? There are three important aspects to consider.

Dating tips for women who want to build a healthy relationship

High achieving women usually struggle, especially going on their first dates. Sometimes, they do not feel as confident and competent as they are in their careers since the dating process involves more than just them. They don't feel that the outcome and success depends on them. Here are some tips that could help you overcome first date jitters, get the confidence you need to be your best self, and possibly have multiple suitors trying to show you good times.

First, it’s important to remember what dating is and what it is not

Many women conflate dating with relationships and then fall for the first somewhat cute breathing human without even considering if this person can meet their needs in a relationship. Then, many latch onto this one person and try to convince them that they should take the next step in the relationship. This raises red flags for men. They feel more confident about the relationship with you if you take it slowly. 

So, instead of starting a relationship with someone, think of dating as the place to meet new people and get to know them. You are getting to know these people to see if they meet your criteria instead of convincing them that you are worthy. 

This dating tip is essential because it will help you avoid wrong expectations.

Secondly, you’ve gotta date more than one person until someone convinces you that they are worthy of your commitment

This dating tip is essential especially for anxious love seekers. Doing this will help you slow down the attachment process. Yes, you will lose some prospects, but you will also have a clearer picture of who you are dealing with because your vision will not be clouded by being invested in making it work with only one potentially wrong person. Instead, you will allow yourself time to figure out how you want to be loved and who feels like a good match for you. This way, you can put yourself first and take care of your heart. 

In addition, I suggest following the natural process of five dating stages that will help you learn how to go from first meeting online to a secure relationship.

So, let me ask you. Do you really want to continue investing all your efforts into one person as if you are in a relationship with them, just to wind up confused, frustrated, and heartbroken? Or, do you want to keep your options open, slow down your attachment process, and have choices of various men eager to get to know you and take the relationship to the next level with you? I think we all know what the right answer should be. 

You can do this. You just need to stay dedicated to yourself, and have confidence that there are people that are gonna be right for you. The right men will show up for you instead of you trying to figure them out and convince them that they should commit to you when you don’t even know if they can love you the way you need them to love you. 

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Let me know if you have any dating tips that help you or your friends find love. 

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