How to Attract Men of Integrity and Make the World a Better Place

How to Attract Men of Integrity and Make the World a Better Place

Feel Like a Muse (even if your guy isn't a poet)

Integrity! This is what I stand for, especially if you are looking for a soulful love connection with a good man ready for commitment, a man that doesn't leave you wondering, a man that shows you his intentions with words and actions, the kind of man that doesn’t chicken out when things become serious in your relationship. I would say that these are people who have integrity when it comes to relationships. How do you attract men of integrity?

Where do most women lack integrity?

I don’t have to talk to you about integrity when it comes to your responsibilities to your work or other people. The women that I work with mostly don’t have problems with this aspect of integrity.

Rather they struggle with integrity related to their own values and their following through with their own promises to themselves. This is where most anxious love seekers lack in integrity. Many lose themselves and abandon their values in an effort to maintain the relationship they find themselves in. Most of us don’t even think this is integrity because of course, we take care of our duties to others. But can you attract men of integrity when you don't respect your own values?

When you remind yourself that you too are important, valuable, and deserving of your own integrity, that’s when you can attract men with integrity, men who are ready for commitment and who are eager to show you they have integrity.

What does it look like when a man has integrity and is interested in you?

Of course you need to understand some men may not be ready for a relationship, and that doesn't mean that they luck integrity. But, we don't need to judge and worry about those. What matters is that you know how to recognize a man that is ready and interested in you. That's pretty much all you need to concern yourself about, and below are some indicators:

  • You’ll know where you stand without him saying a word
  • He isn’t going to make you wonder
  • He’s not avoidant
  • He’ll be clear about his own intentions and expectations
  • There will be nothing to over think, because he won't leave you uncertain at any point
  • He will enjoy giving in variety forms, such as meal, a phone call, or just holding open a door
  • You will not feel a need to chase him, to wonder what he was thinking, or to stress out about his feelings

There can be more indicators, but these are based on your own perception of how he relates to you. Your truth matters. If someone doesn't show you enough effort to provide this sense of security, there are two choices for you. You can communicate and see what's up, and you can let go of this person. Actually, you can also date a few people until you find this level of security with someone. You need to take some time to discern this, though.

How to attract men with our personal integrity 

I know it all goes back to us. If you want something in life, you need to be ready to receive it. If you don't show that you value yourself, it communicates that you are not ready for a healthy mature relationship. Men can sense these things.

When you show self-respect, that’s when good quality men can trust you with their heart

This is profound and hard to explain easily. You see, when you stand up for yourself and uphold your values, you know that you will not betray yourself. This can give you a dose of confidence. And when men see you are confident, they don't feel afraid that they will have to take care of you emotionally.

Let's face it, sooner or later if you abandon yourself you will feel resentment and frustration. This is not a strong basis for a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately, many of us are raised to feel unimportant and we feel justified to neglect ourselves. This is so ingrained in us that we forget we can’t be our best selves in relationships if we don’t honor ourselves.

But what if you dare to express all your values, desires, needs and boundaries?

Imagine standing up for yourself and getting it all, keeping your word to yourself and being faithful to your values while meeting men that adore you just the way you are, men who pursue you and who don’t flake, men who are happy to show you how much they are invested in growing the relationship with you.

Well that’s what actually happens when you value yourself and when you have integrity to keep consistent with your values and boundaries. Because you are dedicated to yourself and you are learning how to discern who's right for you, there is very small chance that this won't happen.

So, your integrity is essential if you want a secure love and a happy relationship.

Let's teach the world how to treat us! 

This is what I stand for. My mission is to help you remember who you are, what your values, boundaries, and needs are, and to help you communicate in the ways that will create powerful attraction and connection with the right men. I want to help you remember that not only it’s OK to preserve your integrity towards yourself, but it’s also necessary if you want true love with a quality man with integrity.

We will stop this generational abandonment of ourselves by addressing attachment trauma and emotional wounding that cause us to forget what we want in relationships. We will remember our values and desires, and we will learn how to communicate with men. Let’s stop abandoning ourselves.

Join my Facebook group where I teach more advanced topics on secure love creation. Let’s teach the world how to treat us.  The better world starts with us!

Is relationship coaching right for you? 

I offer online relationship coaching for high achieving women interested in sincere high quality men, men ready to give you their heart. 

If you are looking to create magical attraction with an amazing man, you need to know how to express your feelings and needs. Your feelings are the path to his heart. 

Learn how to process and express your emotions. I created a course just for that. Self-Love Revolution-Express Your Feelings and Capture His Heart  course will help you learn how to communicate with your partner in the ways that will deepen your bond.

Learn how to express your needs and boundaries in the ways that will make your partner feel empowered to make you happy and protect you instead of making him defensive. Your anger is the key to your deeper emotions. Once you become aware of them, you can communicate much more effectively.

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